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Oregon Aims to Set New Precedent for Clean Energy Leadership

, asst director of research & analysis, Clean Energy

Oregon is considering an ambitious and achievable proposal that would double the state’s commitment to renewable energy and completely phase out the use of coal for electricity. Read more >

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Scientists Fight Proposal to Gut Leading Climate Research Center in Australia

The Australian government has announced plans to axe several hundred positions at a world-class government research organization. Gutting a flagship climate body is short-sighted, may be in breach of obligations under international treaty, and is simply absurd. Read more >

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Will Congress Act to Protect Coal Mining Communities?

, senior energy analyst

Today marks the release of the President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2017. Included in the request to Congress is a package of policies that would go a long way toward helping struggling coal communities in Appalachia. And there’s even potential for action in Congress—a bill to implement one important policy was introduced last week. Read more >

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Large-scale Solar Power’s Beautiful Bubbles: Falling Prices, Growing Reach

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

Like so many reports on renewable energy these days, the 2016 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook is full of good news. And one graph in particular does a great job of pointing to what renewables are achieving these days, all across the country. Read more >

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