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Next Generation Energy Plan Doesn’t Fix Illinois’ Energy Policy

, policy analyst, Clean Energy

Illinois’ regular Legislative Session ends next Tuesday, May 31, and discussions on energy policy continue to heat up. In its current form, ComEd and Exelon’s Next Generation Energy Plan (NGEP) doesn’t do enough to protect consumers or the environment. Read more >

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All-in for Offshore Wind in Massachusetts

Two words should guide Massachusetts lawmakers on offshore wind: Go big. Read more >

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California EV Survey Results

New Survey Finds Californians Very Interested in Electric Cars

, senior engineer, Clean Vehicles

California has been the leader in EV sales over the last five years, and a new survey helps explain some of the reasons why. Last month we, along with Consumers Union, commissioned a survey of California and Northeast drivers and the results are in. Read more >

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Your Memorial Day Beer Choice Can Support Sustainable Farmers and Local Economies

, Kendall Science Fellow

In the spirit of enjoying adult beverages this Memorial Day weekend (responsibly, of course!), I want to share a bit about the burgeoning craft beer industry in the United States and why the trends are encouraging for sustainable farming and local economies. Read more >

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