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Bullish on Renewable Energy? So Is the Pope, Walmart, Obama, Google….the List Goes On

Here at UCS we’ve always been bullish about a significant role for renewable energy in our power system, a view informed by careful analysis and the latest market trends. But we’re far from alone: the ever-growing list of supporters of strong renewable energy goals includes Fortune 500 companies, investment banks, utilities, presidents and presidential candidates, and the Pope. Welcome to the bright new era of the clean energy economy! Read More

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Communicating Science: Barriers Journalists Face at Government Agencies

Transparency invigorates a strong democracy. It inspires trust and spurs citizens to hold their leaders accountable. As citizens, we have the right to know about the scientific information shaping the policies that affect our health, our safety, and the environment, and our government has a responsibility to share this information openly. Read More

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A Double Homicide on the House Floor

I am used to the House of Representatives passing unwise bills that would make it difficult for agencies to use science to protect the environment and public health and safety. I understand that wealthy special interests are spending millions of dollars to advance their anti-regulatory agenda in Washington. But even I was shocked that a terrible legislative proposal could grow even worse. But that’s what happened in the House on July 28. Read More

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Lessons from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

The 2011 Fukushima accident has many lessons for U.S. nuclear power, and how to make it safer. Are we learning them? Read More

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Fuel Tracking is Key to Good Climate Policy

Fun fact: the fuels we use to fill up our gas tanks are changing. Well, maybe that fact isn’t fun, but it’s vitally important—because the trouble is, nobody knows how much or how quickly these changes are happening.  If we’re going to assess the climate impacts of the fuels we use and develop good policies, we absolutely need to be able to answer those questions. Read More

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Drought of Sight, Drought of Mind: Agroecology, not Amnesia, to Survive the Droughts of the Future

Do you remember: (a) Where the Olympic Games were held in 2012? (b) the name of the hurricane that devastated the East Coast that year? (c) who won the 2012 World Series? (d) What percent of the US was covered by the 2012 drought? or (e) out of the top 100 costliest US disasters recorded, where that drought ranked? Read More

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