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Marching for Science and Climate Protects Our Communities

Josué J. López , UCS

Until three years ago, you could have called me a scientist, educator, or mentor—but not an activist or marcher. Over time, however, I have recognized that I have the knowledge, privilege, and responsibility to act and march to protect the communities I love. Read more >

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Photo: Wikimedia CC BY-SA 3.0

Top Clean Cars from the 2017 New York Auto Show

, senior policy analyst, Clean Vehicles

I just got back from checking out the 2017 New York Auto Show and eating a couple dirty water hotdogs in the process. Here are my top picks for the clean cars that were on display and headed to a showroom near you.

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Photo: Wikimedia

Why Scientists Are Fighting Back: We’ve Had Enough of Trump’s War on Facts

, president

On Saturday, in Washington, DC, and in hundreds of rallies around the world, scientists and their supporters will stage what is likely to be the largest gathering of its kind in history. The March for Science, an idea hatched by a few enthusiastic people on Reddit, has mobilised scientists and their supporters as never before. Read more >

Photo: Wikimedia
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Rising sea levels are already a threat to coastal historic buildings and the communities they anchor in places like Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. Photo: Octavio Abruto/iLCP

I’m Marching for the Same Reason Preservationists Have Always Marched—to Save Places and the Communities They Anchor

Andrew Potts , UCS

As a historic preservationist, I often find myself in common cause with my nature conservation colleagues. So I took note last year when the International Union for the Conservation of Nature adopted a startlingly blunt message:  The ecosystems that underpin our economies, well-being and survival are collapsing. Species are becoming extinct at unprecedented rates. Our climate is in crisis. This is the moment to get it right, they said, but our window of opportunity is closing.   Read more >

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