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Angela Anderson is the director of the Climate and Energy Program. She leads UCS efforts to persuade government officials to enact policies that encourage clean energy and result in global warming emission reductions. Ms. Anderson advocates on international policy responses to the threat of global climate change. See Angela's full bio.

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The Power of the (TV) Producer: Make Climate Change Matter to People

Is it fair to compare the broadcast media’s coverage of Donald Trump to its coverage of climate change? In this election year, coverage of this businessman/reality show host/presidential candidate is valued in the millions. In the summer months after he announced his candidacy (June-Sept), before a primary was even held, coverage of Mr. Trump’s campaign on the news totaled about 10 hours, 20 minutes. By contrast, climate change coverage for ALL of 2015 was 146 minutes.

It is no wonder that climate change never shows up in the top 10 lists of issues of most concern to voters.  To care about it, they have to hear about it, see it, touch it and feel it.  TV has the power to help us do that. Read more >

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The Pope on Climate Change, Science, and Morality: Can His Message Change the Conversation?

Pope Francis has something important to say about climate change, and deniers who have used religion as their last bastion should take note. In this Pope’s world, science and religion are calling in harmony – and with urgency – for action on climate. The Pope is a leader of many firsts: the first Latin American pontiff, the first Jesuit, likely the first with a chemistry degree, and the first to issue a formal teaching for Catholics around the world that equates climate action with caring for one another. A recent poll indicates he will reach a very receptive audience. Read more >

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6 Reasons I Am Optimistic COP 20 in Lima Will Help Avert the Climate Crisis

I have been attending the annual meetings of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) since 2006 and this rarified, diplomatic process has been inspiring, frustrating, and sometimes profoundly depressing. Having stepped back from engaging in the details of the negotiations the past couple of years, I was able to observe them this year in Lima from a new perspective. And I believe we are actually making progress. Read more >

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Facebook “Dislikes” ALEC’s Climate Change and Clean Energy Deception

It was welcome news last week that social media giant Facebook is “likely” to cease its membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) this year, following the lead of Microsoft and Google to become, as The Guardian reported, “the latest tech company to end its support for a controversial rightwing lobby group that works against climate change legislation.” Read more >

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Obama’s Commencement Speech on Climate Change: A Graduation Day to Remember

Commencement speakers have mostly been in the news lately for the speeches they didn’t give. Most of the speeches are dull and formulaic. President Obama bucked the trend and made headlines with a speech at UC Irvine laying out an impassioned case for action on climate change. Read more >

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