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About the author: Brenda Ekwurzel is a senior climate scientist and assistant director of climate research and analysis at UCS. She has expertise on many aspects of climate variability including Arctic Ocean and sea ice, wildfires, groundwater, and coastal erosion. She holds a Ph.D. in isotope geochemistry from Columbia University (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory). See Brenda's full bio.

Ides of March Slow Trains from Weird Heat

Commuter Alert in the Nation’s Capital: “It’s March but…unseasonable heat forces trains to slow down during the afternoon commute.” Read More

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Two 16-year-old Girl Scouts Win First Ever UN Forest Heroes Award

An effort begun by two Girl Scouts at age 11 linked orangutans with Girl Scout Cookies. Read More

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The 2 Percent Factor—Where We Live

They say all politics is local and the same could be true about our perspective this time of year when the annual global average temperature numbers are released. Read More

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Climate Extremes – New IPCC Report!

Often when a noteworthy or devastating extreme event disrupts lives, I am often asked, could this be due in part to climate change?  Read More

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Mayors, Governors, CEOs, and Citizens Take Note – National Climate Assessment At Your Service!

Imagine a world where lives and property are saved despite a torrential flood arising from a category 1 Hurricane disgorging the immense load of water it picked up over the warming tropical ocean. Read More

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What I Saw At the North Pole 20 Years Ago Today

History in the making: September 7, 1991
Twenty years ago on this date, I had the rare opportunity to collect samples of the Arctic Ocean at the North Pole. As I lay in my bunk, trying unsuccessfully to sleep while I heard the screeching sound of ice being broken by the Swedish Icebreaker Oden, I suddenly heard shouts in the hallway.

Read More

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