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Daniel Gatti is a policy analyst for the Clean Vehicles program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. Gatti’s work is focused on efforts to reduce emissions in the transportation sector in the Northeast region, through electrification, efficiency, and clean fuels. See Daniel's full bio.

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What the Northeast Could Build With a Transportation Cap and Invest Program

While the Northeast region struggles to make significant progress in reducing pollution from transportation, our neighbors and allies in California and Canada are investing billions of dollars in clean mobility solutions thanks to their successful implementation of a cap and invest program covering transportation emissions.

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Vehicle pollution is a major issue for human health and the environment.

The Northeast Should Limit Pollution from Transportation

Taken together, the policies of Northeast states, from Maine to Maryland, have invested billions of dollars in clean energy sources such as solar, wind, and efficiency. In the process we have fundamentally changed the way electricity works in this region. The next big step for the states of the Northeast is to bring that same sense of commitment, ingenuity and purpose towards clean transportation. Read more >

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Massachusetts Leads on Clean Electricity—Let’s Take On Clean Transportation

Massachusetts today finalized new regulations under the state’s Global Warming Solutions Act that will establish limits on pollution from in-state power plants. Now we need to tackle transportation head on.

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The Consequences of Connecticut’s Tesla Ban

At Tesla’s facility in Greenwich, Connecticut, you can take a look at Tesla cars. You can talk to representatives about electric vehicle technology, and learn how to install charging equipment. You can buy swag featuring the Tesla logo.

But you cannot buy a car. You cannot test drive a car. You cannot talk to a Tesla representative about pricing or financing. You cannot have your car serviced. Read more >

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Why You Can’t Buy a Tesla in Connecticut (and 5 Other States)

Tesla is legally prohibited from operating its Tesla stores in Connecticut. Why? Read more >

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