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Dave Cooke is a vehicles analyst in the Clean Vehicles Program, specializing in both light- and heavy-duty fuel economy. He conducts research on fuel efficiency technologies and the implications for oil consumption and greenhouse gas emissions across the transportation sector. See Dave's full bio.

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Hey Congress—Don’t Let Automakers Undercut Fuel Standards with Phony Credits!

Whether it’s the Volkswagen debacle (which continues to get worse), the massive Takata airbag recall involving just about every car company on the planet, or the GM ignition switch scandal, automakers have been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. So it was no surprise when the Energy and Commerce Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives recently held a hearing on draft legislation regarding vehicles and roadway safety. After all, Congress should hold deceitful automakers accountable for their actions, and they should help ensure access to safe, clean vehicles.

It was a surprise, though, to see hidden provisions that would award fuel economy credits for safety technologies. If you are asking yourself, “What in the world does safety have to do with fuel economy?” you are not alone …

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Automaker Rankings Revisited—Does Volkswagen Now Have the “Dirtiest Tailpipe”?

Last year, we released our semi-regular report card on the auto industry, the Automaker Rankings, where Volkswagen tied for 3rd place behind Hyundai-Kia and Honda. However, the astounding news this month around VW’s diesel vehicles is not only a black eye on the company—it also calls into question just how “green” the VW fleet truly is. We’ve received a lot of questions about the impact this scandal has on their environmental performance, so I’d like to take the opportunity to address some of those questions. Read more >

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A disillusioned VW Bug sheds a tear upon hearing that its manufacturer showed such disregard for the environment. (Photo courtesy of David Preston)

Volkswagen Caught Cheating—CA, EPA Asking For Vehicles To Be Recalled

Do you own a 2.0L diesel vehicle made by Volkswagen or Audi from 2009 or after? I’m sorry to inform you, but according to the EPA your car has been polluting the environment at a level between 10 and 40 times its legal limit. Volkswagen and Audi, who manufacture the majority of diesel vehicles in the United States, have been cheating emissions tests instead of complying with more stringent smog-forming pollution standards. Read more >

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National Truck Driver Appreciation Week—Just One Week To Say Thanks For Moving All My Stuff?

Every day seems to bring a new internet holiday, from “Talk Like a Pirate” Day to National Cat Day (like we need an excuse to share cat videos or say “Arrrrh”?). But while the internet may have alerted you that it’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, it’s no passing fad—at 27 years strong, NTDAW is a reminder of all the hard work that goes into moving goods around the country and some of the unsung folks that help drive our economy. Read more >

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Fleet Experts Weigh In: Fuel Economy Rules for Trucks Pay Off

With fuel such a key expense for truck fleets, one of the questions I get asked the most is—why do we need fuel economy rules? As I outlined in Engines for Change, there are actually a lot of market barriers that can slow investment in efficient trucking, including fuel surcharges and the risk-averse conservatism of a capital-constrained marketplace. But you don’t need to take my word for it: Fleet owners across the country also support fuel economy regulations. Read more >

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