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Dave Cooke is a senior vehicles analyst in the Clean Vehicles Program, specializing in both light- and heavy-duty fuel economy. He conducts research on fuel efficiency technologies and the implications for oil consumption and greenhouse gas emissions across the transportation sector. See Dave's full bio.

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A Glimmer of Good News for the Climate: EPA Affirms Fuel Efficiency Standards

On Wednesday, the EPA proposed maintaining its global warming emissions standards for passenger vehicles out to 2025. These standards were finalized in 2012 to protect public health, reduce global warming emissions and fossil fuel use, and save consumers money at the pump. Read more >

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Fuel Economy Reaches Highest Level Ever as Automakers Continue to Beat EPA Regulations

EPA released its annual reports on the fuel economy of new vehicles and how well automakers are complying with regulations—and yet again, new vehicles sold are more efficient than they’ve ever been, while automakers continue to exceed the federal standards. Read more >

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Déjà Vu: Shoddy Economic Study Touted by Automakers Flouts Facts

The mid-term evaluation of fuel economy standards is in full swing, and with the close of the public comment period on the Technical Assessment Report from the federal agencies, we now have a better understanding of the types of arguments being used by automakers as they try to weaken the federal passenger vehicle efficiency standards—to no one’s surprise, it relies on a lot of half-baked nonsense and fearmongering. Read more >

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Why Do Fuel Economy Standards Matter With Cheap Gas?

With gas prices so low, automakers are claiming that nobody wants fuel-efficient vehicles. But consumers are smarter than that—they know that gas prices fluctuate. Read more >

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Technical Assessment Report on Fuel Economy Regulations: A Quick Guide

A few weeks ago, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a technical assessment report (TAR) looking at the latest and greatest information about the cars we buy, the technologies available to make those cars more efficient, and the ability of manufacturers to meet fuel economy and global warming emissions regulations that are helping to push those technologies to market. Read more >

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