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Research and deputy director, Clean Vehicles

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Don Anair is a senior engineer with expertise on diesel, hybrid and battery electric vehicle, and goods movement technologies and the policies needed to turn them into real solutions for U.S. oil dependence, air pollution and global warming. He holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering. See Don's full bio.

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How do EVs Compare with Gas-Powered Vehicles? Better Every Year….

As we embark on the 4th annual National Drive Electric Week, U.S. electric vehicle (EV) sales are approaching a quarter million, and 20 plug-in models are now available in at least some parts of the country. This represents a major advancement from the first introduction of the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf plug-in electric vehicles in model year 2011. Read more >

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Cleaner Trucks, Buses, and Freight Projects Poised for Big Boost in California

Moving freight in California produces a lot of pollution. It’s one of the largest sources of smog-forming and diesel particulate emissions and is a growing source of global warming pollution. Fortunately, the recently passed budget in California is good news for making some progress on cleaner freight technology in the coming year. Read more >

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California, Don’t Put the Brakes on Cleaner Diesel Trucks

California’s standards to reduce harmful diesel pollution from trucks and buses combined with a new generation of emission-control devices are delivering benefits to the state’s air quality and public health. Recent years have seen significant reductions in smog-forming emissions and particulate matter from these heavy duty vehicles — a leading source of diesel pollution in the state. To stay on track in meeting air quality standards and reducing adverse health impacts, California needs to maintain a strong diesel Truck and Bus Regulation. Read more >

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Moving California Forward: Cleaning up Freight in the Golden State

Can California move more freight while cutting carbon emissions, improving air quality, cutting oil use, and protecting the health of communities near rail yards, warehouses, and ports? A new report released today by a diverse coalition of groups in California, including UCS, examines technologies and strategies to do just that. Read more >

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Cyber Monday Meets Growing Truck Fuel Economy

Yes — it’s that time of year again. The online holiday shopping season is kicking off with another Cyber Monday. And if the trend continues, as it has for the past several years, another online shopping record will fall. I’m sure that’s welcome news to the likes of UPS and FedEx. But there’s another trend starting as well that should be good news for all you online shoppers out there (myself included). The trucks that move all those goods from factory, to warehouse, to your door are burning less fuel and creating less carbon emissions. Read more >

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