Erika Spanger-Siegfried

About the author: Erika Spanger-Siegfried is a senior analyst in the Climate & Energy program at UCS. She currently manages UCS’s coastal and Mountain West climate impacts projects, designed to shed light through new research and outreach on ongoing local impacts, current efforts to cope, and the urgency of high-level action. Erika formerly managed the Energy-Water Initiative (EW3) and, prior to that, the Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment, a research effort to explore climate change, impacts, and solutions in the northeastern United States. She holds a master’s degree in energy and environmental analysis from Boston University. See Erika's full bio.

Maple-Syrup Setback, Breakfast-Table Blowback

Climate change reveals what it’s up to mainly through our weather, but sometimes it waltzes right indoors and sits down at the table, as it did this week when I learned of new threats to the maple-syrup foundation of my young son’s diet. Read More

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Joyful Dread: A Climate-Wary Gardener in a Very Weird Spring

We’re deep into spring – never mind the calendar – and it’s a weird one. At the close of March, my lawn is 4th of July green, some trees are blooming, most shrubs have leafed out, and my kids have already played in the sprinkler. It’s enough to make anybody happy! But if you think about climate change, as I think most everyone around here has in recent weeks, it’s enough to give you the creeps. And if you’re a gardener, like me, it’s enough to set your teeth chattering. Because gardening, for all its year-to-year variation, is about working within familiar seasonal rhythms. And I confess I’ve lost the beat. Read More

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