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Leading experts from a variety of fields bring their insights to The Equation, providing guest commentary on a broad range of issues that connect to our work. Views expressed here belong to the authors, not UCS.

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Chevron Refinery in South Africa. CC-BY-2.0 (Wikimedia Commons).

Will Chevron’s New CEO Show More Vision on Climate?

Wendy Gordon, PhD.

The surprise announcement that Chevron CEO John Watson will be stepping down next month caught me and a lot of other people by surprise. I quickly had a flashback to the May 31 annual shareholder meeting that I attended and my one (and likely only) unsatisfying interaction with Chairman Watson. Read more >

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The Native Village of Shishmaref, viewed from the northeast side of Sarichef Island. Photo: Eli Keene

Rising Seas Erode Homes and History in Alaska—Let’s Talk Relocation

Victoria Herrmann

Climate change is amplified in the Arctic, and many coastal communities are talking relocation. The cost of relocation, often emphasized, is just a small part of the story–for these communities moving means losing a common history, a way of life and their identity. Read more >

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Rising sea levels are already a threat to coastal historic buildings and the communities they anchor in places like Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. Photo: Photo: Octavio Abruto/iLCP

What is the Cost of One Meter of Sea Level Rise?

Sean Vitousek

The opening line of our recent Scientific Reports article reads “Global climate change drives sea level rise, increasing the frequency of coastal flooding.” Some may read this as plain fact. Others may not. Read more >

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Perry and Pruitt’s Denial of Science Threatens our Future

Perry and Pruitt call themselves “skeptics,” but they’re not. True skeptics would propose an alternative explanation—but Perry and Pruitt cannot offer such explanations because they do not exist Read more >

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Does Trump’s Paris Decision Make Him the Most Dangerous Man in the World?

John H. Steed, J.D.

In case there was any doubt, President Trump’s June 1 announcement that he would take steps to withdraw the United States from participation in the Paris Accord confirms that our president is the most dangerous man in the world.  Read more >

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