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Challenging ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson on Climate Change

Mike MacCracken

Last month, I attended ExxonMobil’s annual shareholder meeting in Dallas, Texas, and was able to directly interact with CEO Rex Tillerson. Here are his non-responses on climate change. Read more >

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When Will Chevron Commit to Reducing Effects of Global Warming?

B. D. Santer

Chevron’s annual shareholders meeting took place today in San Ramon, California. During the stockholder Q&A session, stockholders and their proxies were allowed to speak, including climate scientist Dr. Benjamin D. Santer, as well as two staffers from the Union of Concerned Scientists. UCS invited Dr. Santer to share his statement, copied below, along with his reflections on the experience: Read more >

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The Devil Is in the Details: Forming California’s New Groundwater Sustainability Agencies

Dave Owen

“We Don’t Do Groundwater,” the title began, and until recently, that was true—in spite of the immense importance of the resource. Outside of a few urban areas in coastal southern California, California groundwater use regulation was largely an oxymoron. Read more >

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Why Two Degrees Is So Important—Fossil Fuel Companies Can No Longer Ignore the Need to Act

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

Achieving a 2°C target will require serious commitments from everyone, especially the companies involved in extracting and producing the fossil fuels that are the main reason we’re in this situation to begin with. Unfortunately, though, many of those companies are not stepping up to the plate. Read more >

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Scientists Fight Proposal to Gut Leading Climate Research Center in Australia

Melanie Fitzpatrick

The Australian government has announced plans to axe several hundred positions at a world-class government research organization. Gutting a flagship climate body is short-sighted, may be in breach of obligations under international treaty, and is simply absurd. Read more >

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