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Leading experts from a variety of fields bring their insights to The Equation, providing guest commentary on a broad range of issues that connect to our work.

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Who’s Marching for Science—and Why? Here Are 15 Answers

Alexander Zwissler

While science and its impacts on beliefs and our world will always be the subject of debate, in general it has been accepted that the scientists themselves should largely stay on the sidelines. The recent election has triggered a reevaluation of this norm. Read more >

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Four Economic Errors that Cause Environmental Problems (and How to Correct Them)

Geoffrey Heal

Our dependence on nature runs deep. There is no denying that a pristine environment improves our health, lengthens our lives, and makes us more productive. Yet in our lifetimes catastrophic environmental change will occur because of four basic, correctable errors in the design of our economic systems. Read more >

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Houston, We Have a Problem: Still Fighting Against Environmental Injustice

Juan Parras

As my dear friend Maria Jimenez often has stated, the story of the neighborhoods of Manchester and Galena Park in Houston are examples of environmental racism. And having read the recent report “Double Jeopardy in Houston” makes it perfectly clear that she is without a doubt correct in her remarks. Read more >

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Big Oil and Big Tobacco: A Deadly Partnership Rooted in Deception

Sharon Eubanks

A new trove of documents sheds light on the long and deep connections between the oil and tobacco industries and on the massive doubt apparatus of research institutes, researchers, and PR firms funded and mobilized by both groups. Read more >

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Challenging ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson on Climate Change

Mike MacCracken

Last month, I attended ExxonMobil’s annual shareholder meeting in Dallas, Texas, and was able to directly interact with CEO Rex Tillerson. Here are his non-responses on climate change. Read more >

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