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Senior climate scientist

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Jason Funk is a senior climate scientist for the Climate and Energy Program and is an expert on land-use emissions. His efforts focus on building a better understanding of the impacts of climate change among communities, stakeholders, and policymakers, and developing effective solutions to reduce these impacts. See Jason's full bio.

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We Need to Hit Net Zero Emissions ASAP: Here Are 5 Indisputable Reasons Why

Recent science and new developments have highlighted the urgency of reducing global warming emissions to “net zero” as soon as possible. Read more >

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The Sherpa Fire burns near Exxon Mobil's Las Flores oil refining facility on June 17, 2016. Photo: Mike Eliason/Santa Barbara County Fire Department via EPA

As 2016 Wildfire Season Heats Up, Western States Wonder Who’ll Provide Relief: La Niña or Congress?

Over the past few decades, climate change has driven an inexorable trend of higher summer temperatures across the West—a trend that is expected to continue for years to come. This year, some states may see relief if the El Niño pattern shifts rapidly to La Niña—and if Congress passes legislation that provides sufficient resources to manage wildfire risk effectively. Read more >

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Could Climate Change “Steal” New Mexico’s Identity?

There’s an “identity thief” on the loose in New Mexico, and authorities have identified the culprit: climate change. So far, it has attempted to take away the livelihoods, agriculture, homes, ecosystems, and historical touchstones that shape the lives and identities of many New Mexicans—with some success. And it’s just getting started. Fortunately, New Mexico can take some practical and commonsense steps to safeguard its identity against the impacts of a changing climate.

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How to Sound like an Expert on the Paris Climate Agreement

The agreement is multifaceted and written in dense legal language, so it’s difficult to get a sense of what it—and the negotiations—are all about. Here are some answers to a few basic questions to satisfy your curiosity and help you sound like a climate agreement expert. Read more >

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The Paris Climate Conference: Hope in a Time of Hard Realities

The violence in Paris and elsewhere in recent weeks has made parents around the world hug their children a little tighter, and to ask for the strength to confront the many risks we face in the world. Climate change is one of the risks we can change, and the Paris climate talks may mark a moment of global courage, in which we alter our course and begin to build the future we want to leave for our children.

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