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Asst director of research & analysis, Clean Energy

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Jeff Deyette is a senior energy analyst with expertise on the economic and environmental implications of renewable energy and energy efficiency policies at the state and federal level. He holds a master’s degree in energy resource and environmental management & international relations. See Jeff's full bio.

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9 Signs from 2015 that the Clean Energy Transition is Accelerating

Efforts to curb power sector carbon emissions—our nation’s largest source of global warming pollution—gained a lot of momentum in 2015. Read more >

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New State Energy Plan Provides a Road Map for Strong Clean Power Plan Compliance in Missouri

Today, the Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) is releasing a comprehensive State Energy Plan that lays out a clear pathway for the Show-Me state to accelerate its transition away from coal and toward cleaner, more local power supplies. Read more >

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Department of Energy Analysis Shows the Vast Economic Potential of Renewable Energy

A new analysis released by the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) shows renewable energy sources like wind and solar have the economic potential to supply from 35 percent to as much as 10 times our nation’s current power needs. This is welcome news coming on the heels of the EPA releasing its final Clean Power Plan to limit power plant carbon emissions and a spate of ambitious renewable energy goal announcements. It clearly demonstrates that U.S. can affordably accelerate the transition to a safe and reliable low-carbon energy future. Read more >

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EPA Expands the Role of Renewable Energy in the Final Clean Power Plan

On August 3, the EPA finalized the Clean Power Plan, placing limits on carbon emissions from our nation’s power plants for the first time. Undervalued as carbon-curbing technologies in the proposed draft, the EPA took several steps to strengthen the role that renewables can play in the final rule. That means wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources are well positioned to help states meet their emission reduction targets and accelerate our nation’s transition to a clean, low-carbon economy. Read more >

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ALEC’s Annual Meeting to Feature More Attacks on Successful Clean Energy Policies

UPDATE (July 27, 3:30pm): Stephen Moore, a member of ALEC’s Private Enterprise Advisory Board, dropped a whopper during one of the few sessions at ALEC’s annual meeting that was open to select reporters. “The biggest scam of the last 100 years is global warming,” Moore said before going on to engage in a personal attack on scientists. Learn more.

This week the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is holding its annual meeting in San Diego and one look at the agenda reveals this fossil fuel-funded front group remains bent on preventing the nation’s transition to a clean energy economy. With the EPA set to finalize its Clean Power Plan in the next few weeks, ALEC is frantically ramping up efforts to obstruct and roll back policies that support renewables and efficiency and curb carbon emissions. Here’s a quick guide on what to look out for. Read more >

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