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Policy analyst, Clean Energy

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Jessica Collingsworth is an energy policy analyst with expertise in state-level policies that curb global warming emissions through greater use of renewable energy and energy efficiency. See Jessica's full bio.

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Governor Kasich Restores Clean Energy Standards in Ohio

During the final hours of 2016, Ohio Governor John Kasich vetoed Substitute House Bill 554, legislation that would have made Ohio’s clean energy standards voluntary, effectively extending the two year freeze. By vetoing the bill, Kasich restored Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards, which have been frozen since 2014. Read more >

Photo: Howard Johnson/CC BY (Flickr)
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Year in Review: How 8 States Made 2016 a Huge Year for Clean Energy

With the Clean Power Plan’s future up in the air, and concerns about how science might fare given the recent election results, some may think 2016 wasn’t a great year for clean energy.  However, lots of great state level policies were passed — some with bipartisan support—and there’s even some good news on the national front. Read more >

Photo: Mark Jurrens (Wikimedia)
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A Huge Success in Illinois: Future Energy Jobs Bill Signed Into Law

The bill is one of the most comprehensive state energy bills ever crafted and is the most important climate bill in Illinois history. Read more >

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Photo: tlindenbaum/Flickr

The Future Energy Jobs Bill: Promise, Pitfalls, and Opportunities for Clean Energy in Illinois

This is a long, complicated bill with the potential to serve Illinois well and expand renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. Read more >

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Backward Steps on Clean Energy in Wisconsin? Not at the local level…

Despite a state legislature that has taken steps backward on clean energy in Wisconsin, policies and programs at the local level are moving the state in the right direction. Read more >

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