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Senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

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John Rogers is a senior energy analyst with expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and policies. He co-manages the Energy and Water in a Warming World Initiative (EW3) at UCS that looks at water demands of energy production in the context of climate change. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan and a bachelor's degree from Princeton University. See John's full bio.

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Solar Panel Prices, Solar Growth, and the Incredible Valley of Life

Here’s the one graphic you need to see how far solar has come, and how bright its future looks. Read more >

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What Can Hydro and Wind Imports Do for New England? New Study Brings New Numbers to the Debate

With a major natural gas pipeline project in Massachusetts being put on hold last week, Massachusetts’s electricity future is a hot topic. A new study looks at pieces of the electricity policies in play in the state, and comes to some pretty positive conclusions. Like the Union of Concerned Scientists’ own recent study on Massachusetts and energy, this new work suggests that more renewable energy is likely to be a good deal, in a lot of different ways. Read more >

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Why Electricity Bills Go Up and Down: Putting Costs in Context

Electricity bills go up and our electricity bills go down, but it takes a dive into the numbers to get a sense of just how much that actually happens. To get at this question, two graphs in our recent analysis on the future of electricity in Massachusetts seems particularly worthy of extra attention. Read more >

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How Low-Cost Can U.S. Offshore Wind Go? New Study Looks at the Power of Scale in Massachusetts

The effects of a state committing to offshore wind power at scale and over time, it turns out, are pretty impressive. A new study looks at what enticing the offshore wind industry to take root and flourish on this side of the Atlantic might mean, and suggests that Massachusetts can learn—and benefit—plenty from what Europe has already learned and done, to great effect. All it takes is foresight and commitment. Read more >

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Berta Cáceres, 1973-2016: The Fight Goes On

In the early hours of yesterday morning, Berta Cáceres, a world-renowned environmental activist from the Lenca indigenous community, was murdered in her home. Read more >

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