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Senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

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John Rogers is a senior energy analyst with expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and policies. He co-manages the Energy and Water in a Warming World Initiative (EW3) at UCS that looks at water demands of energy production in the context of climate change. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan and a bachelor's degree from Princeton University. See John's full bio.

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Offshore Oil vs. Offshore Wind: Guess Where the Action Really Is

There’s plenty of energy off our coasts. Too bad the Trump Administration is looking the wrong way. Read more >

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Where are the jobs? Not where they used to be. Think renewables, not coal. (UCS analysis, based on DOE 2017)

Solar and Wind vs. Coal: Who’s the Biggest Job Creator in Your State?

When it comes to job creation in the power sector, our president keeps looking the wrong way. Nationally—and in almost every state—when coal and renewables face off, the bigger job creator in the power sector isn’t coal anymore; it’s solar and wind. The Trump administration has proclaimed this week Energy Week, but if renewables aren’t in a prominent position, the president and his associates are partying like it’s 1979 instead of 2017. Read more >

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Photo: Dennis Schroeder / NREL

There Are 68.4 Million Better Places for Solar Panels Than Mr. Trump’s Wall

A border wall might need solar, but solar certainly doesn’t need a border wall. Read more >

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Coal’s Days Are Numbered—So Where Will the Electrons Come From?

The last big coal plant in New England is gone, New Jersey’s biggest utility is done with coal generation, and Florida’s largest electric utility is retiring yet another coal plant. These are more solid signposts on the way to our clean energy future… if we get this right. But as coal exits, what’s taking its place? Read more >

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What Would JFK Have Said About Clean Energy?

Maybe it’s because I first started working on clean energy while serving in the Peace Corps he founded, or maybe it’s my years of working on these issues from his home state. But I can’t help thinking about the 100th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s birth, and connecting his stirring rhetoric to the energy challenges of our times. Read more >

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