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Senior policy analyst, Clean Vehicles

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Josh Goldman is a senior policy analyst, managing legislative and regulatory campaigns to help develop and advance policies that reduce U.S. oil use. See Josh's full bio.

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Will Electric Cars Thrive, Survive, or Die Under President Trump?

President Trump just dropped his “America First” energy plan and, not surprisingly, it doesn’t include renewable energy or electric vehicles. It does, however, mention the importance of protecting clean air and clean water though it also encourages the very energy sources that pollute both of these public goods. Weird. Read more >

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Dude, Where’s My Car (Charging Station)? How Public Charging Is a Centerpiece of a U.S. Department of Transportation Initiative

There are nearly 15,000 public charging stations for electric vehicles in the U.S., but there hasn’t been a great way to navigate to those spots without an app or internet access – until now. Read more >

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The State of the Electric Car Market in 4 Charts and Graphs

I’m guessing that over the past 3 months (or more), your news feed has been dominated by election-related stories. So you may have missed the recent good news about the electric vehicle (EV) market in the United States. To bring you up to speed (and provide a brief break from election hullaballoo) here are 4 graphs that explain what’s been happening in the world of EVs. Read more >

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The Federal Government Wants to Regulate Autonomous Vehicles: Here’s What You Need To Know

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has issued a 112 page guidance policy aimed at guiding the introduction of autonomous vehicles (AVs) in the United States. This is a big deal because AVs are coming to a driveway near you—sooner than you may think—and mark the first step in a multi-year regulatory effort that will ultimately become binding on the AV industry. Read more >

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The Science of Car Sharing: Can Shared Vehicle Services Reduce Transportation Emissions?

I’m a fan of car sharing services. But to what extent do they increase, or decrease, global warming pollution? Read more >

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