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Juan Declet-Barreto is a joint Kendall Science Fellow for the UCS Climate & Energy program and the Center for Science and Democracy. He partners with environmental justice groups and activists to research the potential effects of carbon trading on disadvantaged communities, as individual states begin implementation of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. See Juan's full bio.

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Citizen Soldiers of Puerto Rico Army National Guard, alongside residents of the municipality of Cayey, clear a road after the destruction left by Hurricane Maria through the region, Sep. 30.

Mr. President: Puerto Rico Is, Indeed, Living a “Real Catastrophe”

President Trump visited Puerto Rico to meet with federal and Commonwealth officials coordinating the relief and recovery effort in the wake of Hurricane María. His callousness and harsh words for Puerto Ricans sharply contrasts with the swift approval of an emergency aid package for Texas and Florida in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Read more >

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Photo: endi.com

Rebuilding Puerto Rico’s Devastated Electricity System

Why has Puerto Rico’s energy infrastructure been rendered so vulnerable in the recent weeks? Read more >

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Irma, September 5. Photo: US Naval Research Laboratory

¿Está en zona de peligro de inundaciones por Irma o José? Esté atento a los avisos de las agencias locales y usa éste mapa para enterarte de tu riesgo.

No bien hemos pasado el susto de la destrucción causada por el Huracán Harvey en Houston, ya se nos encima Irma, y José parece que no tarda. Preocupado por el paso de éstos dos peligrosos fenómenos , me dí a la tarea de crear mapas que puedes utilizar para evaluar el riesgo de que el lugar donde vives se inunde. Pero es más importante saber que estar fuera de las áreas de inundación en el mapa no garantiza que no se vaya a inundar el área en que vives. Hay que estar atento a los avisos del National Hurricane Center acerca de la cantidad de lluvia esperada, ya que estar afuera de las áreas de inundación en el mapa no garantiza que estarás a salvo.

Read more >

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The ExxonMobil refinery in Baytown, TX. Photo: Roy Luck/CC BY 2.0 (Flickr)

Hurricane Harvey Magnifies Climate and Petrochemical Toxic Risks for Environmental Justice Communities in Houston

The last few days have been difficult for people in Houston. Though they have been difficult for everybody, the environmental justice communities like Manchester and Galena Park in eastern Houston are now facing a double whammy of climate change and toxic contamination. Read more >

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Science Institution Can Help Alleviate Puerto Rico’s Crisis—If It’s Free of Political Interference

In the midst of Puerto Rico’s most severe social, political, and economic crisis in its modern history, a public institution shines brightly to help develop the economy by advancing science and technology. The Puerto Rico Science, Technology, and Research Trust is an independent, non-partisan entity that provides grants and infrastructure for academic and enterprise-focused research, fostering the business, environmental, human health, and biotechnology research communities in Puerto Rico. Read more >

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