Katharine Hayhoe

Director, Climate Science Center, Texas Tech University

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Oil extraction in a cotton field, Andrews, TX. Photo: Wikimedia

Texas Is the Best. And Worst. #1 in Both Wind Energy and Carbon Pollution.

I live in West Texas, and some of the stereotypes are true. There are more SUVs and trucks here than you can shake a stick at. Oil wells are more common than trees. And if you ask people here if humans are changing the climate, most would say no. Read more >

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Climate Science: It’s a Lot Older Than You Think

One of the biggest myths about climate science – a myth that has been deliberately fostered, for decades — is that we just don’t know that much, yet. Read more >

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Busting the Climate Change Myth

What’s one of the most insidious myths we’ve bought into, when it comes to climate change?

It has nothing to do with the science: it’s the simple idea that we have to be a certain type of person to care about climate change.

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