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Ken Kimmell is president of the Union of Concerned Scientists and has more than 30 years of experience in government, environmental policy, and advocacy. He is a national advocate for clean energy and transportation policies and a driving force behind UCS’s “Power Ahead” campaign to build a large and diverse group of clean energy leadership states. Prior to joining UCS in May 2014, Mr. Kimmell was the Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), and served as chairman of the board of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. See Ken's full bio.

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Republicans, Democrats, and Climate Change: A Success Story in Massachusetts

Conventional wisdom holds that the politics of climate change has become so polarized that bipartisan action is all but impossible.

Massachusetts has just deflated that balloon. Read more >

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Photo: Randy Heinitz/Creative Commons (Flickr)
Photo: Randy Heinitz/Creative Commons (Flickr) Photo: Randy Heinitz/Creative Commons (Flickr)

Big Breakthrough for Big Rigs: The EPA’s New Fuel Economy Rule for Trucks

Every day, Americans rely on trucks. Thanks to a new rule from the EPA, those trucks are about to become a lot cleaner. Read more >

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NY-MA Doubleheader on Clean Energy is a Game Changer

The rivalry between New York and Massachusetts is famous: Yankees vs. Red Sox, Giants vs. Patriots, Wall Street vs. Harvard/MIT, glamour vs. provincial charm. Last week, New York and Massachusetts competed to be the Northeast clean energy leader. And in this case, they both won. Actually, we all did. Read more >

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Massachusetts on Verge of Energy Greatness

In case you missed the news, the Massachusetts House and Senate just did something big that we should all celebrate. Read more >

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AG Schneiderman and others are investigating ExxonMobil for fraud given evidence suggesting the company knew about climate risks but withheld them from their investors, decision makers, and the public

ExxonMobil, Chairman Lamar Smith, and the First Amendment

UPDATE (July 13, 2016): UCS has denounced a subpoena issued by Chairman Smith.

UPDATE (July 13, 2016): UCS has responded to a third request letter and subpoena threat from Chairman Smith.

UPDATE (June 27, 2016): UCS has responded to the second request letter from Chairman Smith.

UPDATE (June 24, 2016): On June 17, UCS received a second request letter from Chairman Smith seeking the same documents. We will respond in a timely manner. UCS rejected the first request letter on June 1. Meanwhile, House Science Committee Ranking Member Eddie Bernice Johnson just released a letter calling on Chairman Smith to “immediately cease this abuse of authority.” The letter details how Chairman Smith has wholly misrepresented the purpose of the attorneys’ general investigation and calls into question the constitutionality of the chairman’s actions. Read more >

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