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Senior analyst, Clean Energy

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Laura Wisland is a senior energy analyst and an expert on California renewable energy policies. She holds a master’s degree in public policy. See Laura's full bio.

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What Solar + Energy Storage Can Do For Tenants and Owners of Affordable Housing

A solar photovoltaic (PV) system and battery storage together can result in significant savings over solar-only installations Read more >

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California’s Complicated Relationship with Natural Gas

Two-thirds of U.S. states may be at risk of relying too heavily on natural gas to meet electricity demand, according to a new analysis from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Why, might you ask, is California, a national and global leader in the move to clean energy, included in that mix of at-risk states? Read more >

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California’s Clean Energy Legislation Will Also Help Reduce Oil Consumption

Much has been written about the controversial petroleum reduction target taken out of Senate Bill 350, but news coverage overlooked what California gained through the legislation passed this September. Thanks to new standards approved by the Legislature, California will generate half of its electricity from renewable sources and double the energy efficiency of buildings in the next 15 years—critical strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Read more >

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California Commits to a 50% Renewable Energy Standard and Doubling Energy Efficiency

Last night, California doubled down on its clean energy leadership by passing Senate Bill 350 (De León-Leno)—the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act—a requirement to source 50 percent of retail electricity sales from renewables by 2030 and double it’s energy efficiency savings in the same time frame. The bill is now headed to the Governor’s desk. Read more >

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California Can Reach 50% Renewable Energy: New UCS Analysis Shows Pathways and Solutions

This summer, Californians have not been able to ignore the evidence of climate change affecting our lives. Historic drought and searing temperatures have turned the Golden State into a tinderbox, escalating wildfires and placing serious strain on the state’s agricultural economy. Read more >

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