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Kendall Science Fellow

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Peter O’Connor joined UCS in May 2015 as a Kendall Science Fellow. His research focuses on the integration of solar power and electric vehicles into the electricity system. Read Peter's bio.

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What Electric Vehicle Sales in 2016 Mean for the Future of Transportation

I’m a fan of electric vehicles. What can we expect to happen with them, based on 2016 numbers? Read more >

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Source: Envision Solar

Electric Vehicles in the South: What’s on the Horizon?

We just helped convene a major electric vehicles conference. Here are our takeaways. Read more >

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What is the Learning Curve—and What Does it Mean for Solar Power and for Electric Vehicles?

The “learning curve” is the biggest story in solar power. But what does it mean? And how does it work? Read more >

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Photo: Courtesy of Tesla

Tesla and SolarCity: Do They Fit Together?

I don’t know if Elon Musk is going to succeed, but there are synergies between EVs and solar so the basic concept seems sound. Read more >

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Photo: BY (Flickr)

The Present and Future of Smart Charging: Experts Weigh In

Earlier this month UCS convened a workshop on smart charging, the idea of using electric vehicles to help the electricity system balance supply and demand. Here’s a taste of what we heard. Read more >

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