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Lead economist and climate policy manager

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Rachel Cleetus is an expert on the design and economic evaluation of climate and energy policies, as well as the costs of climate change. She holds a Ph.D. in economics. See Rachel's full bio.

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Climate Risks Are #1 Threat to Global Economy

Last week the World Economic Forum released the Global Risks Report 2016, which contains a serious wake-up call to those affected by the state of the global economy. That would be… pretty much everyone. Read more >

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The Meaning of Paris: Hope

Wow, the Paris Agreement! By now, you’ve read the headlines and, perhaps, many of the analyses deconstructing the details of the Paris Agreement. This post is not about all that. I’m going to share what Paris means to me, from the heart (mostly), not the head. Read more >

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Cautious Optimism as Second Week of Climate Negotiations Begins

As we enter the second week of COP21, the international climate negotiations, the mood in Paris is cautiously optimistic. The Draft Paris Outcome, reached midday last Saturday, provides hope that we will get an agreement by the end of this week. But there remains a lot of work to do for ministers and negotiators in the final days to ensure that the agreement is a strong one. Read more >

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Clean Energy Progress Should Pave the Way for an Ambitious Climate Agreement in Paris

Tomorrow I will be traveling to Paris for COP21, the international climate negotiations. I am going with a sense of optimism and hope that world leaders will reach a fair, ambitious agreement. A major reason for my positive outlook is the tremendous progress we have made in ramping up clean energy and driving down the costs of these technologies, all of which point toward the feasibility of deep cuts in carbon emissions. Read more >

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Climate Equity: Building Resilience for Communities on the Frontlines of Climate Change

Today the Union of Concerned Scientists released a new report, Surviving and Thriving in the Face of Rising Seas, which calls attention to the need for more resources and greater policy attention to help protect and prepare communities on the front lines of climate change. Read more >

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