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Rachel Cleetus is an expert on the design and economic evaluation of climate and energy policies, as well as the costs of climate change. She holds a Ph.D. in economics. See Rachel's full bio.

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Cutting FEMA’s budget would put the safety of Americans at risk and seriously undermine our nation’s ability to prepare for and recover from disasters, such as Hurricane Ike in Texas in 2008. Photo:Photo: U.S. Air Force/Staff Sgt. James L. Harper Jr.

How to Make Disasters More Costly and Harmful: Cut FEMA’s Budget

A potential 11 percent cut in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s budget would seriously undermine our nation’s ability to prepare for and recover from disasters, and put the safety of Americans at risk. Congress should reject it. Read more >

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The Social Cost of Carbon Underscores an Obvious Fact: Climate Change is Costly

This morning the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology is holding a hearing on the social cost of carbon (SCC). Past experience indicates that the majority members on this committee are not big fans of science or facts. Hopefully, some of the witnesses at the hearing will get some real economic facts on the table. The most important one: climate change is costly and our policies need to reflect that reality. Read more >

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A Tribute to Kenneth J. Arrow, Nobel Prize Winner and a Giant Among Economic Thinkers

Earlier this week, Kenneth Arrow, a Nobel prize-winning economist passed away at the age of 95. Dr. Arrow was a prolific thinker, truly a giant among economists. His research spanned areas as diverse as welfare theory, innovation, labor market networks, public health, and risk. Many extensive obituaries to Dr. Arrow have been written in major newspapers. He was also a great champion of ideas and values we hold dear at the Union of Concerned Scientists. Read more >

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Can Republicans Find Their Voice on Climate Change via a Carbon Tax?

Earlier this week a group of conservative opinion leaders and experts launched the Climate Leadership Council, championing a national carbon tax to cut emissions and help achieve climate goals. Read more >

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You Can’t Delete Climate Change

There’s no getting around the facts. Climate change is real, our carbon emissions are causing it, and it’s already having a costly and harmful effect on our lives. Read more >

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