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Director of gov't affairs, Climate & Energy

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Rob Cowin creates and implements legislative campaigns to support UCS efforts on clean energy, global warming, and nuclear safety issues. See Rob's full bio.

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As governor of Texas, Rick Perry had a true all-of-the-above energy strategy. Photo: Wikimedia

What Will US Energy Leadership Look Like at Rick Perry’s Department of Energy?

There’s a clear trend in the president-elect’s cabinet appointments—many of them are opposed to the agencies they would lead. Read more >

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3 Ways Trump’s Department of Energy Appointee Can Create Jobs

The vast majority of new energy jobs being created are coming from the clean energy sector. If the new administration wants to create jobs and grow the economy, it needs to take a closer look at some of the great work the current Department of Energy is doing Read more >

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Senate Energy Bill Better than Doing Nothing

Today the Senate is expected to pass the Energy Policy and Modernization Act. From a clean energy standpoint the bill still falls far short of what is needed to promote more clean energy deployment. But there’s a lot to like in this bill and passing it is definitely better than doing nothing. Almost as important as the substance is the bipartisan way the bill was developed—proving you can still make progress on energy policy, albeit modest, in a Republican-controlled Senate. Read more >

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How to Push Climate and Energy Funding through a Republican Congress

Every year the president outlines priorities for his administration and the country through his budget request to Congress. But the Republican Congress controls the purse strings, and the president isn’t exactly winning popularity contests with those folks. So what climate and energy priorities can actually get funded in the Republican Congress? Lots, actually. Read more >

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Where is the Clean Energy in the House and Senate Energy Bills?

When it comes to passing legislation, I’ve learned through the years that it’s best to be pragmatic. But much depends on the leverage you have, or as Roger Fisher would say, BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement). When it comes to issues of climate and energy we need to be aggressive, but our BATNA has been weak, despite the fact that poll after poll shows overwhelming public support for clean energy policy as well as more comprehensive climate action. So what’s hurting our leverage? Read more >

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