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Sam Gomberg is an energy analyst and an expert on responsible energy policies that support the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency resources that result in significant reductions of global warming emissions. See Sam's full bio.

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Midwest States Finally Catching on to Solar Power’s Potential

Michigan and Minnesota are catching on and the solar power movement is now gaining a foothold in the Midwest. Read more >

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In Michigan, Renewable Energy and Efficiency Take a Hit in Proposed Legislation

After years of analysis and public input, months of hearings, and now weeks of political maneuvering, Michigan took a small step towards overhauling its energy policy last week when the House Energy Policy Committee approved its legislative proposal. Unfortunately, “E” for effort doesn’t cut it, and the proposal on the table falls short of what’s best for Michigan. The end result of this proposal would slow development of Michigan’s renewable energy and energy efficiency resources and do little to ensure the state achieves Governor Snyder’s goal of 40 percent of Michigan’s energy demand from renewables and efficiency by 2025. Read more >

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Renewables and Efficiency Seeking a Leader in Michigan

Things are heating up in the Michigan legislature as both the House and Senate are considering proposals to re-shape Michigan’s energy future. Unfortunately, the current proposals miss the mark on renewable energy and energy efficiency – both of which are widely recognized as important resources for meeting Governor Rick Snyder’s goals of adaptability, reliability, affordability and protection of the environment. As the conversations continue into the fall, will a leader emerge to ensure a strong commitment to a truly clean and sustainable energy future for the state? Read more >

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Meeting the Clean Power Plan: Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota Are Well on Their Way

The Environmental Protection Agency’s final Clean Power Plan (CPP) presents a significant opportunity for Midwest states to build on what they have already been doing: investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency while transitioning away from a reliance on outdated, inefficient and dirty coal-fired power plants. Read more >

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Look Ahead Minnesota: There’s Reason for Optimism about Your Clean Energy Future

Minnesota’s legislature might have missed an opportunity to advance the state’s clean energy future during this year’s session, but with Governor Dayton’s support for clean energy and leadership from state agencies, there’s still plenty to be optimistic about. Read more >

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