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Sam Gomberg is an energy analyst and an expert on responsible energy policies that support the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency resources that result in significant reductions of global warming emissions. See Sam's full bio.

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Attacks on Clean Energy Up for Debate in Minnesota Legislature

Prohibiting state planning for the Clean Power Plan is akin to cutting off your nose to spite your face. Read more >

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Michigan Senate Proposals Put Clean Energy, Consumers at Risk

The ultimate impact of the current proposals: Kill the state’s successful clean energy standards, deal a blow to the state’s burgeoning rooftop solar industry, and put in place a process that won’t adequately ensure that Michiganders have a say in their energy future. Read more >

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New Analysis: Renewables and Efficiency Key to Economic and Public Health Benefits in Michigan

A new UCS analysis released today shows that strengthening Michigan’s commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency will drive billions in capital investments in the state, reduce carbon emissions, and lead to significant public health benefits through avoided emissions of harmful air pollutants. Read more >

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Michigan Green Bank Could Attract Billions in Clean Energy Investment

Our new analysis shows that by smartly using modest public investments, billions in private capital can be leveraged to drive significant growth in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Read more >

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All Talk, No Action Leaving Michigan’s Clean Energy Future in Limbo

Last week, Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder announced his signing onto the Governor’s Accord for a New Energy Future—a bipartisan agreement among 17 states to work together on advancing clean energy technologies and “transformational policy changes.”

It’s a fine gesture, but on the very same day, Governor Snyder also announced that Michigan was suspending its Clean Power Plan activities pending court resolution. Actions speak louder than words. Unfortunately, the governor is once again leaving Michigan’s potential for a bright clean energy future in the dark.    Read more >

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