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About the author: Todd Sanford is a climate scientist with expertise in the atmospheric chemistry and physics of the climate system. His current work involves the public health impacts of climate change. He holds a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Colorado. See Todd's full bio.

The Value of Science from Space – One Perspective

The past month or so has given us a flyovers by the Space Shuttles Discovery and Enterprise (with associated striking photos), the Hubble Space telescope’s birthday, budget questions over satellites, and proposals to mine asteroids for resources. Typically, my gaze is focused on the earth’s surface or lower atmosphere, but these events have me looking back up for a change and thinking about the role of space in science. However, aspects of this endeavor may be at risk.

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The Changing Face of Winter: Sports Edition

Now that we have recently been marching headlong into summer-like temperatures, it might be time to look back at the winter that wasn’t for many of us and ask how a changing winter may affect activities we enjoy. Year-to-year it may range from kids not having enough snow for a proper snowball fight to the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC, arriving weeks early and messing up travel plans to see them. But the stakes can be higher than just snowballs and cherry blossoms. Read More

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