The U.S. electricity system is the single largest producer of U.S. carbon emissions. Our experts and analysts weigh in on the opportunities, solutions, and challenges for moving the country toward a cleaner, low-carbon future.

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What the Supreme Court’s Ruling Means for the Clean Power Plan (All is Far from Lost!)

, president

The U.S. Supreme Court threw an unexpected monkey wrench into the Obama administration’s plan to cut carbon pollution from power plants yesterday when it placed a hold on the Clean Power Plan until the courts sort through whether it is legally valid. The hold will stay in place until a lower court (the District of Columbia Court of Appeals) rules on the merits and the Supreme Court either refuses to hear the case or rules on the merits. This hold is likely to last for approximately 18 months, depending upon how quickly the appellate process proceeds.

While disappointing, the ruling is not as crippling a blow as some might suggest. Read more >

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Will Congress Act to Protect Coal Mining Communities?

, senior energy analyst

Today marks the release of the President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2017. Included in the request to Congress is a package of policies that would go a long way toward helping struggling coal communities in Appalachia. And there’s even potential for action in Congress—a bill to implement one important policy was introduced last week. Read more >

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Large-scale Solar Power’s Beautiful Bubbles: Falling Prices, Growing Reach

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

Like so many reports on renewable energy these days, the 2016 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook is full of good news. And one graph in particular does a great job of pointing to what renewables are achieving these days, all across the country. Read more >

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Photo: Richard Masoner

7 Facts You Should Know About Gasoline, from our Brand New Report…

, senior scientist, Clean Vehicles

What’s behind the gas pump—and how does it affect the climate? We found out. Read more >

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Big News: 39 States and Their Utilities Write Plan for Deep CO2 Reductions

, senior energy analyst, Climate & Energy Program

A major collaboration between officials from 39 states and 26 major utility companies shows how the eastern U.S. could cut carbon 42% by 2030 and reach 30% renewable energy in the electricity supply. Read more >

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