The US electricity system is undergoing a transformation that’ll change how energy is produced and used for decades. Our experts bring you the latest news and analysis on that transformation, including its opportunities, benefits, and challenges.

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A whole new perspective. (Credit: UCS)

Three Renewable Energy Numbers to Impress Your Friends With: 7, 43, 50

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

Next time you’re talking with a friend about the exciting things happening in our electricity sector (aren’t you always?), here are three easy numbers for remembering how we’re doing: 7, 43, and 50.  That’s: wind energy’s progress, solar energy’s growth, and the number of states making it happen. Read more >

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A worker at the Beloyarsk nuclear power plant in Russia. Photo: Wikimedia

Energy Department Scientists Barred From Attending Nuclear Power Conference

, senior writer

The most likely explanation is where the conference took place — Russia — and what it was about — nuclear energy. Read more >

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Photo: Partners Healthcare

Climate and Energy in the Health Care Sector: An Interview with Bill Ravanesi

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

Health care has been in the headlines a whole lot lately, and it’s never far from our minds or wallets. It’s never far from our lungs or hearts, either—or, it turns out, our energy choices. How we make electricity, and what happens to our climate, have big implications for human health.

Our health care sector isn’t taking those connections lightly. Here’s what one expert had to say about how Massachusetts institutions are leading the way on connecting the dots. Read more >

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Seize the Day: RGGI Leadership More Important Than Ever

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

A pioneering program to reduce power plant emissions in the Northeast is poised to enter a new phase. Here’s why the nine states of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative need to make as bold a step forward as possible—and how they can make it happen. Read more >

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40% Growth? The Latest Electric Vehicle Sales Numbers Look Good

, Kendall Science Fellow

US electric vehicle (EV) sales are up 45% for the twelve-month period from July 2016 through June 2017, compared to the prior twelve-month period. What does that mean for the future? Read more >

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