The U.S. electricity system is the single largest producer of U.S. carbon emissions. Our experts and analysts weigh in on the opportunities, solutions, and challenges for moving the country toward a cleaner, low-carbon future.

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White House Attacks on ARPA-E Endanger US Energy Innovation

Howard Branz, , UCS

The America First Budget Blueprint released by the White House last month proposes to eliminate the Advanced Research Project Agency–Energy (ARPA-E). They’re kidding, right? Read more >

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Photo: UCS

On Top of a Wind Turbine, On Top of the World

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

Stand atop a wind turbine and you get some powerful perspective. When you’re 280 feet off the ground, your feet clinging to the deck, the breeze blowing past, you’ve got a clear view of the power of wind energy. This past summer, I experienced it first-hand.

It’s a view that’s out of this world, and in it.

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Valorous Congressmen, Tilting at Windmills

, Energy analyst

Legislators have pushed bills aiming to ban wind turbines from vast buffer zones around military installations—but these pesky little things called facts can trip up even the best of heroic narrative arcs. Read more >

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Photo: Shutterstock

Is Progress Stalled on Clean Energy? Nah. Look at What States are Doing.

, president

In at least a partial antidote to the bad news coming from Congress and the Trump administration, there is clear bi-partisan support for clean energy at the state level. Read more >

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Who’s Driving Clean Energy Momentum? Ranking State Progress

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

Clean energy has been having a really good run in recent years: costs falling, scale skyrocketing, millions of people enjoying its benefits. And the future is looking bright in a lot of ways, with technologies, customers, and policies coming together in beautiful harmony for a whole lot more progress to come.

When it comes to the role of our 50 states in creating this great clean energy momentum, which ones do we have to thank? That’s what the new Clean Energy Momentum State Ranking from the Union of Concerned Scientists set out to discover. As for how to figure out who’s tops, that title says it all… if you just look at each piece.

Let’s break it down, build it up, and see what we get. (And some of the answers just might surprise you.)

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