The U.S. electricity system is the single largest producer of U.S. carbon emissions. Our experts and analysts weigh in on the opportunities, solutions, and challenges for moving the country toward a cleaner, low-carbon future.

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Massachusetts Can Lead On Clean Energy. The Nation Should Pay Attention.

, president

Massachusetts now stands at a crossroads in planning for its energy future. The state’s choices will have ramifications far beyond its borders. The question now before state officials: What sources of electricity should replace the closure of many coal plants in the state and region, and the scheduled retirement of the Pilgrim nuclear power plant? Read more >

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How Low-Cost Can U.S. Offshore Wind Go? New Study Looks at the Power of Scale in Massachusetts

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

The effects of a state committing to offshore wind power at scale and over time, it turns out, are pretty impressive. A new study looks at what enticing the offshore wind industry to take root and flourish on this side of the Atlantic might mean, and suggests that Massachusetts can learn—and benefit—plenty from what Europe has already learned and done, to great effect. All it takes is foresight and commitment. Read more >

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What Can Zootopia Teach Us about Solar Energy and the Duck Curve?

, senior energy analyst, Climate & Energy Program

Zootopia is a place where mammalian species co-exist in harmony, and a female bunny overcomes prejudice to become a crime-fighting cop. We can apply this message of diversity and inclusion to one of the challenges we have with new energy technology. Read more >

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Forecasts No Growth in Renewable Energy. We Disagree.

, senior energy analyst, Climate & Energy Program

In the debate over the potential role of renewable energy in decreasing carbon pollution, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (tagline: “Standing Up for American Enterprise”) has considerable trouble with that ubiquitous advisory ‘past performance is not an indicator of future outcomes.’ Analyses by the Union of Concerned Scientists and others, including business interests, forecast growth for renewable energy, while the Chamber does not. Read more >

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How the Clean Power Plan Can Accelerate Renewable Energy and Efficiency

, asst director of research & analysis, Clean Energy

New wind and solar development outpaced fossil fuels in 2015 for the second straight year, and both technologies are on track to reach new heights this year. Our new analysis highlights how the Clean Power Plan can help states accelerate this transition. Read more >

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