The US electricity system is undergoing a transformation that’ll change how energy is produced and used for decades. Our experts bring you the latest news and analysis on that transformation, including its opportunities, benefits, and challenges.

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Once Deemed Too Small to Be Counted, Rooftop Solar Is Now Racing Up the Charts

, Energy analyst

Sometimes, the littlest of things can point to the biggest of leaps. Read more >

Wayne National Forest/Creative Commons (Flickr)
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Photo: Chris Hunkeler/CC BY-SA (Flickr)

A Quick Guide to the Energy Debates

, senior energy analyst, Climate & Energy Program

There’s an energy transition happening with major implications for how we use and produce electricity. But not everyone agrees on which direction the transition should take us. The ensuing debate reveals deeply-held views about markets, the role of government, and the place for state policies in a federal system. Read more >

Photo: Chris Hunkeler/CC BY-SA (Flickr)
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After a long hiatus, the wind power industry is poised to grow significantly in Wyoming over the next several years. Photo: Flickr, Wyoming_Jackrabbit

As Coal Stumbles, Wind Power Takes Off in Wyoming

, director of state policy & analysis, Clean Energy

After several years of mostly sitting on the sidelines, Wyoming is re-entering the wind power race in a big way. Rocky Mountain Power recently announced plans to invest $3.5 billion in new wind and transmission over the next three years. This development—combined with the long-awaited start of construction on what could be the nation’s largest wind project—will put Wyoming among the wind power leaders in the region. That’s welcome news for a state economy looking to rebound from the effects of the declining coal industry. Read more >

Photo: Flickr, Wyoming_Jackrabbit
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100% Clean Energy? In California, SB 100 May Make it Possible

, senior analyst, Clean Energy

Update: SB 100 has passed out of all policy committees, and is headed to the Assembly Floor. We do not know exactly when the bill might be brought up for a vote. The Legislature has until September 15th to vote on all bills.

For many, summertime means getting to wear shorts, eating more ice cream than usual, and if you’re lucky, sleeping in. But for me, summertime means putting on a suit and heading to Sacramento to talk about energy policy. While the Trump Administration tries unsuccessfully to convince the country that coal is the answer, the California Legislature is moving ever forward to advance a cleaner and healthier energy future. Read more >

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Credit: J. Rogers

Minnesota’s Solar Boom and… Bob Dylan?

, senior energy analyst

Those of us that track such things remember a time not long ago when the idea of a solar energy boom in Minnesota might have gotten you a funny look. But in a nod to Bob Dylan and his home state of Minnesota, I can only say: the times they are a-changin. Read more >

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