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We need to fix our broken food system—and science can help us do it. UCS food experts highlight solutions to ensure that every American has access to healthy, green, fair, affordable food.

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How Is the USDA Doing on Scientific Integrity?

, lead analyst, Center for Science and Democracy

In March 2013, the US Department of Agriculture updated its scientific integrity policy, a policy mandated by the Obama Administration for all federal agencies with a significant focus on science. Along with 22 other agencies and departments, the USDA developed a policy in 2011 that the Union of Concerned Scientists assessed to “not make adequate commitments to scientific integrity.” How does the revised policy measure up and does it appear to be working? Read more >

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Is Soil a Secret Weapon? On Agriculture and Climate Adaptation

, Kendall Science Fellow

“The oldest task in human history. To live on a piece of land without spoiling it.” Read more >

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There’s Plenty of Room to Grow for Women and Women of Color in Agriculture

, Kendall Science Fellow

Following both Women’s History and Black History Months, I wanted to take some time to reflect on the current role of women in agriculture and related scientific fields. While there may be a lot to celebrate, there is still a long way to go to improve the influence that women of all racial backgrounds have in these arenas. Read more >

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Experts and Voters Agree: We Need to Fix the Food System

, senior analyst, Food and Environment

Add three dozen leading food experts to the growing chorus calling for more and better government action to fix our broken food system. Read more >

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This Pi Day, Supporting Agricultural Research Is as Easy as Pi(e)

, agroecologist

This Pi Day, there is a timely opportunity to honor math, science, and pie all at once. That’s because AFRI—the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, a critical agricultural research program within the U.S. Department of Agriculture—is on the cusp of being able to deliver even more when it comes to advancing the way we grow our food and its impact on the environment, wildlife, and farmers. Read more >

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