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Why Two Degrees Is So Important—Fossil Fuel Companies Can No Longer Ignore the Need to Act

Achieving a 2°C target will require serious commitments from everyone, especially the companies involved in extracting and producing the fossil fuels that are the main reason we’re in this situation to begin with. Unfortunately, though, many of those companies are not stepping up to the plate. Read more >

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Oregon Aims to Set New Precedent for Clean Energy Leadership

, asst director of research & analysis, Clean Energy

Oregon is considering an ambitious and achievable proposal that would double the state’s commitment to renewable energy and completely phase out the use of coal for electricity. Read more >

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Scientists Fight Proposal to Gut Leading Climate Research Center in Australia

The Australian government has announced plans to axe several hundred positions at a world-class government research organization. Gutting a flagship climate body is short-sighted, may be in breach of obligations under international treaty, and is simply absurd. Read more >

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What the Supreme Court’s Ruling Means for the Clean Power Plan (All is Far from Lost!)

, president

The U.S. Supreme Court threw an unexpected monkey wrench into the Obama administration’s plan to cut carbon pollution from power plants yesterday when it placed a hold on the Clean Power Plan until the courts sort through whether it is legally valid. The hold will stay in place until a lower court (the District of Columbia Court of Appeals) rules on the merits and the Supreme Court either refuses to hear the case or rules on the merits. This hold is likely to last for approximately 18 months, depending upon how quickly the appellate process proceeds.

While disappointing, the ruling is not as crippling a blow as some might suggest. Read more >

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Photo: Richard Masoner

7 Facts You Should Know About Gasoline, from our Brand New Report…

, senior scientist, Clean Vehicles

What’s behind the gas pump—and how does it affect the climate? We found out. Read more >

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