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Floods in Missouri, 2015.

Trump’s Executive Order Will Make America Flood Again (and Again and Again)

, climate scientist

On August 15, Trump signed an executive order, repealing an Obama-era executive order that updated the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard. With ample evidence that climate change puts federal (and other) infrastructure at risk, it is ultimately American taxpayers who will pay the price for building without regard to sea level rise and the impacts of increasing extreme weather. Read more >

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Neighborhood on stilts. Bolivar Peninsula, Galveston, TX. In 2008, Hurricane Ike erased this neighborhood, except for the yellow house. Residents now are raising their houses even higher to cope with future flooding.

Galveston County, Texas, Faces Sea Level Rise and Storms

Residents in Galveston County, TX deal with tidal flooding on a regular basis. Due to sea level rise, flooding will become more frequent in a short period of time. A case study part of the report When Rising Seas Hit Home, 2017. Read more >

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Photo: Takeshi Kuboki/CC BY (Flickr)

The Solar Eclipse and Our Electricity Supply: Why We’ve Got This Covered

, senior analyst, Clean Energy

Is losing all that solar energy during the eclipse a big deal for the electricity grid? Turns out, no. Read more >

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US Abandons Global Science Leadership, Zeroes Out IPCC Funding

, senior climate scientist

In stark contrast to the leadership role the US has historically contributed to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the enacted 2017 U.S. Budget zeroes out funding for the institution.  Read more >

IPCC; USD conversion R. Licker
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Got Climate Science Questions, Administrator Pruitt? Ask the US National Academy of Sciences

, director of science & policy

Scott Pruitt, the Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency, appears to need some help in understanding the scientific evidence of human-caused climate change. Read more >

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