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BP Should Not Shirk Climate Responsibility at Annual General Meeting

, climate accountability campaign manager

Tomorrow, BP holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in London. BP’s is the first in a series of fossil fuel company annual shareholders’ meetings between now and the end of May. Annual shareholders’ meetings provide a once-a-year opportunity to pressure corporate decision makers on their actions, get them on the record, and even change their companies’ business practices. As I noted in an earlier blog, climate deception is on the agenda at many of these meetings this spring. Read more >

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Peabody Energy’s Bankruptcy Filing: Top 4 Things You Should Know

, asst director of research & analysis, Clean Energy

Peabody Energy, the world’s largest private-sector coal company, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today. Here are four things you should know about the company’s remarkable collapse and the broader implications for transitioning to a clean energy economy. Read more >

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Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate

Bruce D. Snyder, MD FAAN, , UCS

Like many others, I have grown ever more concerned about the implications of uncontrolled climate change for public health. Those of us in health care have a special understanding of the suffering and loss that will occur because of our society’s failure to act urgently and decisively to curb the global dependence on fossil fuels. Read more >

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Tips on Climate Responsibility for Peabody Energy as It Teeters on Bankruptcy

, climate accountability campaign manager

According to its regulatory filings, Peabody Energy, the world’s largest investor-owned coal company, is on the verge of bankruptcy. In a carbon-constrained world, what would the reorganized company look like? Read more >

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Five Reasons to Pass the Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act (SB 1161)

, Western states policy manager

The Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act of 2016 (SB 1161) would give explicit authority to public prosecutors in California to take legal action against businesses that have deceived the public about the scientific evidence of climate change over the past 30 years. Read more >

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