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A Point For Democracy: Obama Advances Toward an Executive Order on Political Disclosure for Federal Contractors

, lead analyst, Center for Science and Democracy

Last June, I wrote an open letter to President Obama asking him to issue an executive order to bring more transparency to corporate political disclosure. This is a step that I, along with many others, want to see Obama take before he leaves office—and now it just may happen. Read more >

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Cutting Carbon: The Central Planner Fallacy

, Kendall Science Fellow

The need for steep cuts in carbon emissions is established law. How do we achieve those cuts? Read more >

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Half the Oil by 2030: New Report Shows West Coast Pathway

, director, California & Western States

We have a roadmap to a better way—we should follow it. Our new report demonstrates how Washington, Oregon, and California could cut their petroleum use in half by 2030. Read more >

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Tipping Points: How 2016 Will Shape California’s Water Future

, climate scientist

Today, draft regulations were posted for public comment that will determine how billions of dollars from the water bond (Proposition 1) will be given out to fund new water infrastructure projects.

The requirements for vetting these projects should include using the best available climate science, but right now, they don’t.

Read more >

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It’s Never Too Late to Start Slimming Down Your Food Waste

, agroecologist

Well, the holidays are long gone (sigh), but hopefully your resolutions are still going strong? Just in case you are ready for another, I have a suggestion that will benefit your plate, pocketbook, and the planet: waste less food (even if you are already part of the 73% of Americans that believe they waste less than the average American). Read more >

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