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Cowspiracy movie poster cropped

Movie Review: There’s a Vast Cowspiracy about Climate Change

, scientific adviser, Climate and Energy

The film’s premise is based on badly flawed—and almost unanimously rejected—interpretations of science. Read more >

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Challenging ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson on Climate Change

Mike MacCracken, , UCS

Last month, I attended ExxonMobil’s annual shareholder meeting in Dallas, Texas, and was able to directly interact with CEO Rex Tillerson. Here are his non-responses on climate change. Read more >

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ExxonMobil’s Virtual Reality: A Distorted View of Climate Change

, climate accountability campaign manager

I received a curious goody bag distributed at the ExxonMobil annual shareholders’ meeting in Dallas on May 25, including a do-it-yourself virtual reality headset. I decided to try it on and see what the world looks like from ExxonMobil’s perspective. Read more >

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An image from the NOAA National Weather Service illustrates an omega block. You can see the high pressure in the central part of the image with the low pressure on either side. The jet stream line traces a shape similar to the Greek letter omega. Photo:

The “Omega Block” – Torrential Rains Linked to Extreme Jet Stream Pattern

, senior climate scientist

Amplified change in the Arctic is so strong I refer to is as the “Arctic tail that wags the global climate.” Read more >

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Australia’s Iconic Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Site at Risk from Global Warming

, deputy director, Climate & Energy Program

A lot has changed since Captain Cook became the first European to try to navigate the Great Barrier Reef in 1770. It was the reports of Cook and naturalist Joseph Banks on their return to England that first alerted the scientific world to the existence of this biological marvel. The Great Barrier Reef is now one of the world’s most important coastal and marine tourism areas, but its future is at risk, and climate change is the primary long-term threat. Read more >

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