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Photo: UCS/Audrey Eyring

A Year of Resistance—and Why I’m Hopeful for 2018

, lead economist and climate policy manager

What a year it’s been. The destructive antics of the Trump administration and Congress and a political discourse increasingly polluted by ‘alternative facts’ have frequently made many of us angry, sad, and sometimes just plain crazy.

Through it all, it’s been inspiring to see a resistance movement gather strength and show its muscle. I’ve been awed by the work of racial justice activists, scientists, grassroots groups, immigrant rights groups, youth groups and many many others. Here’s a snapshot of what a year in the resistance looked like for me. Read more >

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Winter solstice at the Bering Sea. Photo: Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. Flickr

Good Riddance to that Deadbeat, 2017. And Hopeful Greetings to a Fresh New Year.

, senior analyst, Climate & Energy Program

Many millions of us are dying for 2017 to be over and for a fresh, if symbolic new start. We’re crawling toward 2018, just waiting to donkey kick the door shut behind us. As we bag up these last 12 months for shipment to Yucca Mountain, I’m trying to take a moment… both to scream into a pillow over what’s gone down and pull it together for what comes next.  Read more >

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Three Ways Fox News Misleads its Readers on Sea Level Rise

, climate scientist

Last week I was quoted in a Fox News article with the headline of “’Arbitrary’ adjustments exaggerate sea level rise, study finds.” Out of the dozens of news pieces I’ve contributed quotes to this year, this one stands out as one of the few–if not the only–written with a climate denial stance. I want to highlight three ways that this particular Fox News piece misleads its audience on the science of sea level rise. Read more >

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Trump’s Two-Minds on Climate Change Puts America’s Security Last

, Climate Preparedness Specialist

President Trump’s National Security Strategy follows his consistent censorship of and attack on science and climate change, but it is also a contradiction to legislation that he just signed into law. Read more >

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Arctic Report Card 2017: Ice Cover Is Shrinking Faster Compared With Prior 1500 Years

, senior climate scientist

This year’s NOAA’s Arctic Report Card highlights that the Arctic’s sea ice area is shrinking at a faster pace than in the past 1,500 years–and it’s not rebounding. This information is crucial to the world: What happens in the Arctic influences coastlines everywhere and extreme weather events in the Northern Hemisphere. Read more >

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