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Empty water hole caused by drought.
Empty water holes caused by the drought on Walnut Creek Ranch in CA in 2014. Photo: Cynthia Mendoza, USDA/CC BY 2.0-Flickr

Preparing for Severe Climate Events: a Q+A with Drought Experts

, Kendall Science Fellow

In the most recent days and weeks when stories of floods and hurricanes have dominated the news, it might be easy to miss that 44% of the country is experiencing drought conditions. I am not a meteorologist—just an agricultural scientist obsessed with the weather—so I often wonder what happens in the weather room when there is a severe event, like a hurricane or tornado. Is it total chaos? Flashing lights and buzzing alarms? What about severe climate events that last longer than a few hours, such as drought? Read more >

Photo: Cynthia Mendoza, USDA/CC-BY-2.0, Flickr
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Photo: el_vaquero CC-BY (Flickr)

A Banner Year for California Climate Laws: Important Lessons and Landmark Progress in 2016

, director, California & Western States

California has just had the biggest year for climate action in a decade. Read more >

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Hurricane Matthew approaches Florida in this satellite image taken at 1 p.m., October   6. Photo: NASA

Hurricane Matthew Storm Surge: How to Evaluate Its Potential Magnitude and Impacts

, senior climate scientist

The dangers of seawater bursting into neighborhoods can be quite unexpected for those who have never experienced a hurricane of the immense power of Matthew. Read more >

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Photo: NASA

Matthew Is the Most Powerful Atlantic Hurricane in a Generation. Here’s What You Need to Know.

, climate scientist

This is a gravely serious storm. Many of today’s East Coast residents have never experienced a hurricane of this magnitude and power, nor much considered the risks. Now they have a matter of hours to prepare. Read more >

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Designing Infrastructure with Climate Change in Mind: Assembly Bill 2800 Becomes Law

, Western states senior climate analyst

It’s no secret that our aging infrastructure is long overdue for a serious upgrade. Recently, this issue received national attention when the presidential candidates from both major parties committed to significant capital investments to improve our infrastructure system. Read more >

California Department of Water Resources
California Department of Transportation
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