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Chevron, ExxonMobil Face Growing Investor Concerns About Climate Risk

, climate accountability campaign manager

In preparation for their annual meetings on May 31, both Chevron and ExxonMobil opposed every climate-related resolution put forth by their shareholders. In a previous post, I wrote that Chevron continues to downplay climate risks while attempting to convince shareholders that the company’s political activities—which include support for groups that spread climate disinformation—are in shareholders’ long-term interests. Now the proponents of a shareholder resolution calling for Chevron to publish an annual assessment of long-term impacts of climate change, including 2°C scenarios, have withdrawn it from consideration at the annual meeting. Read more >

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New Arctic Climate Change Report: Stark Findings Confront Secretary of State Tillerson Ahead of G7

, senior climate scientist

A new Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program report will be presented at the Arctic Ministerial meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska this week. It includes two stark findings. Read more >

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An estimated 200,000 people participated in the Peoples Climate March in DC on April 29, 2017. Photo: UCS/Audrey Eyring

What’s Next After the Peoples Climate March? Riding the Momentum and Bringing It Home

, senior analyst, Climate & Energy Program

An estimated 200,000 people turned out in Washington, DC on April 29 to show their anger and resolve for US climate action. So now what’s next? Read more >

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Plans A, B, and C. Just outside New Orleans. Photo: Adm CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0 (Flickr).

Climate Adaptation, Adaptive Climate Justice, and People with Disabilities.

Alex Ghenis, , UCS

Climate activism tends to frame climate change as a problem to be solved by fighting against it, raising calls to reduce emissions in order to minimize or avoid the consequences of climate change (“climate mitigation”). But, climate change is here to stay, and we need to include everyone in our adaptation plans. Read more >

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Cedar Mesa Citadel ruins in Bears Ears National Monument. One of thousands of tribal cultural and archaeological sites there. Photo: U.S. Bureau of Land Management

President Trump’s Assault on the Antiquities Act Signals Trouble for National Parks and Monuments

, deputy director, Climate & Energy Program

Without the Antiquities Act, now under attack by the Trump administration as part of its strategy to roll-back environmental protections and open public lands to increased exploitation for coal, oil and minerals, we might never have had the benefit of the Grand Canyon, Olympic or Acadia national parks. An attack on national monuments is an attack on us all, and the histories we share. Read more >

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