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AG Schneiderman and others are investigating ExxonMobil for fraud given evidence suggesting the company knew about climate risks but withheld them from their investors, decision makers, and the public

ExxonMobil, Chairman Lamar Smith, and the First Amendment

, president

UPDATE (June 24, 2016): On June 17, UCS received a second request letter from Chairman Smith seeking the same documents. We will respond in a timely manner. Meanwhile, House Science Committee Ranking Member Eddie Bernice Johnson just released a letter calling on Chairman Smith to “immediately cease this abuse of authority.” The letter details how Chairman Smith has wholly misrepresented the purpose of the attorneys’ general investigation and calls into question the constitutionality of the chairman’s actions. Read more >

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Abuse of Power: ExxonMobil, Chairman Lamar Smith, and the First Amendment

, lead analyst, Center for Science and Democracy

Yesterday the New York Times printed a full-page advertisement sponsored by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a free-market think tank that has been funded by ExxonMobil and has regularly misrepresented climate science. The ad reads in large font “Abuse of Power” followed by discussion of free speech rights of companies, nonprofits, and individuals to disagree on climate change. The ad claims that attorneys general in several states and the US Virgin Islands are overstepping their roles in investigating ExxonMobil for possible fraud. Read more >

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With the First Lawsuit Against ExxonMobil for Climate Deception Announced, What Do We Know About Its Risk from Climate Change Impacts?

, lead analyst, Center for Science and Democracy

In the latest development on ExxonMobil’s long (and ongoing) history of deceiving the public and decision makers on climate change, the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) announced this week that it is preparing for the first official lawsuit against the oil and petrochemical giant for its climate deception. Read more >

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Four Things to Think About When Heavy Spring Rains Fall

, Kendall Science Fellow

Spoiler alert: It’s more than just packing an umbrella.

As a kid I remember repeating the phrase in the spring “April showers bring May flowers.” Now, in my adult life as a weather-conscious agricultural scientist, I cannot help but think about how spring rain brings with it not just the promise of pretty flowers, but also the damage of floods. Read more >

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I’ve Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain: Floods, Wildfires, and Another Monthly Global Warming Record

, climate scientist

April was another whopper of a record-breaker: It was 1.11ºC (just about 2ºF) above the average April temperature for 1951-1980. This new record is 0.24ºC (0.43ºF) higher than the previous April one, set in 2010. Read more >

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