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The partnership between science and democracy has played a huge role in U.S. history. But misinformation and attacks on science have strained that partnership. UCS science and democracy experts keep you informed on the latest developments, from Capitol Hill to local communities.

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Recovery After Hurricane Harvey: Will There Be Justice for All?

, researcher, Center for Science & Democracy

What happens to Houston after the media coverage storm subsides, when the country has moved on from the reality that is the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey? Will the people of Houston, who will be affected by this devastation financially and emotionally for years to come, soon become just yesterday’s headline? I would hope not. But recent history shows we should be concerned. Read more >

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Flooded by Hurricane Harvey: New Map Shows Energy, Industrial, and Superfund Sites

, climate scientist

New analysis shows that more than 650 energy and industrial facilities may have been exposed to Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters. Read more >

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Photo: Patrick Bloodgood/US Army

Superfund Sites and the Floods of Hurricane Harvey: Foreseeable or an “Act of God”?

, research scientist, Center for Science and Democracy

Superfund sites contain some of the most dangerous chemicals known to humankind. It has been confirmed that Superfund sites in the Houston area were submerged by the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey. Does this mean these hazardous chemicals were swept away off of Superfund sites into neighboring communities where people live, play, and work? If so, who will be responsible for cleaning up such a disaster? Read more >

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Irma, September 5. Photo: US Naval Research Laboratory

¿Está en zona de peligro de inundaciones por Irma o José? Esté atento a los avisos de las agencias locales y usa éste mapa para enterarte de tu riesgo.

, Kendall Science Fellow

No bien hemos pasado el susto de la destrucción causada por el Huracán Harvey en Houston, ya se nos encima Irma, y José parece que no tarda. Preocupado por el paso de éstos dos peligrosos fenómenos , me dí a la tarea de crear mapas que puedes utilizar para evaluar el riesgo de que el lugar donde vives se inunde. Pero es más importante saber que estar fuera de las áreas de inundación en el mapa no garantiza que no se vaya a inundar el área en que vives. Hay que estar atento a los avisos del National Hurricane Center acerca de la cantidad de lluvia esperada, ya que estar afuera de las áreas de inundación en el mapa no garantiza que estarás a salvo.

Read more >

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Workers make repairs in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Photo: US Coast Guard/Petty Officer 3rd Class Nathan Cox

We Must Protect the Workers Who Will Rebuild after Hurricane Harvey

, executive director

Safeguarding workers’ health and safety must not be an afterthought as Texas grapples with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Read more >

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