Tropical Forests

Deforestation is a major cause of global warming and habitat loss, and many common consumer products contribute to it. Our experts explain how UCS is fighting deforestation—and how you can help.

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Four Questions about a Fast Food Giant’s Role in Tropical Deforestation

, analyst, Tropical Forest & Climate Initiative

I took a close look at Restaurant Brands International’s commitments in terms of tropical deforestation, and found that their plan is lacking in real action. The framework raises more questions than it answers. Here are four of them. Read more >

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Where in the World Is Palm Oil Deforestation?

Varsha Vijay, , UCS

Tropical forests have always held great allure for me. Growing up in Iowa, my most memorable experiences of the tropics happened at home, where I poured over every issue of National Geographic, read books by explorers and dreamed of going to the same places myself. Read more >

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Book Review: The Global Climate and a Defense of Beef

, scientific adviser, Climate and Energy

Defending Beef, by Nicolette Hahn Niman, paints a picture of a better beef system, less damaging to the climate and the environment generally than the current system is. This is a vision I applaud, and one that my colleagues in the UCS Food and Environment program are researching. However, the book also raises scientific issues that I feel are worth exploring, since the dominant beef production system we have in place today, both globally and domestically, has some real problems. Read more >

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Biodiesel (Charts and Graphs Included!)

, senior scientist, Clean Vehicles

Most discussions about biofuels center on ethanol, but biodiesel—a diesel-substitute made from vegetable oils and animal fats—is increasingly important as well. But where does biodiesel come from, and what does it mean for the climate? Like most important things, the answers aren’t black or white—but they’re critical to get right. Read more >

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Cowspiracy movie poster cropped

Movie Review: There’s a Vast Cowspiracy about Climate Change

, scientific adviser, Climate and Energy

The film’s premise is based on badly flawed—and almost unanimously rejected—interpretations of science. Read more >

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