From fuel efficient trucks to electric and fuel-cell vehicles, our experts examine the role of transportation in tackling climate change and cutting U.S. oil use.

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What’s One of the Biggest Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Emissions?

, lead policy analyst, Clean Vehicles

TL;DR: Choose the most fuel efficient vehicle possible, or better yet, an electric vehicle. Read more >

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No, the Feds did not just Weaken Fuel Economy Standards

, senior vehicles analyst

Yesterday, federal and state regulators released a technical paper on the 2025 fuel economy standards. Despite not being a new regulation—it’s essentially a research document—I woke up today to headlines like “EPA admits defeat on toothless 54.5 mpg decree,” “54.5 mpg target is off the table, U.S. regulators say,” and “Feds: Automakers may not meet fuel economy target.” So what is it everyone is getting wrong? Read more >

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Photo: Wikipedia

Five Deceptive Tactics Automakers Are Using to Fight Fuel Economy Standards

, senior vehicles analyst

As our federal passenger vehicle efficiency standards come under review, it’s no surprise, sadly, to see a spirited opposition campaign from the nation’s automakers—and one so laden with misinformation.

A couple weeks ago, the Automotive Alliance (a trade group representing a number of automakers, including Toyota, Ford, General Motors, Fiat-Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen) released a fact sheet detailing a number of (often bogus) complaints about the fuel economy and global warming emissions regulations of light-duty vehicles that they would like to see remedied in the mid-term review. Read more >

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Shining a Light on Oil’s Hidden Pollution

, senior scientist, Clean Vehicles

A pair of recent reports highlight the oil industry’s global warming pollution and suggest mechanisms to reduce it. The reports build on themes of our recent work on cleaning up transportation fuels in general (Fueling a Clean Transportation Future), with a specific focus on methane pollution from oil production (The Truth About Tight Oil). It’s great to see specific and concrete solutions to these important problems being proposed. Read more >

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Workers on a VW assembly line. Photo: iStock

Volkswagen Reaches Agreement on Dieselgate, but Questions Remain

, senior vehicles analyst

Today, Volkswagen came to a partial consent decree with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) over the diesel deception undertaken by the company. The deal lays out a path forward for consumers who bought the polluting vehicles, as well as a plan for mitigating the ensuing pollution—but a number of key questions still remain. Read more >

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