From fuel efficient trucks to electric and fuel-cell vehicles, our experts examine the role of transportation in tackling climate change and cutting U.S. oil use.

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Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns/CC BY (Flickr)
Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns/CC BY (Flickr)

Who’s Leading on Electric Cars? (And Who’s Lagging Behind?)

, senior engineer, Clean Vehicles

Over the last 5 years we’ve seen a remarkable change in the vehicle market: Car buyers can now find alternatives to petroleum-powered cars, choosing from a growing number of electric-drive cars.

But why aren’t more models available across more of the country? The answer, it appears, lies partially with the automakers—some of whom are leading the way, while others are lagging behind. Read more >

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Photo: Randy Heinitz/Creative Commons (Flickr)
Photo: Randy Heinitz/Creative Commons (Flickr) Photo: Randy Heinitz/Creative Commons (Flickr)

Big Breakthrough for Big Rigs: The EPA’s New Fuel Economy Rule for Trucks

, president

Every day, Americans rely on trucks. Thanks to a new rule from the EPA, those trucks are about to become a lot cleaner. Read more >

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Photo: Courtesy of Tesla

Tesla and SolarCity: Do They Fit Together?

, Kendall Science Fellow

I don’t know if Elon Musk is going to succeed, but there are synergies between EVs and solar so the basic concept seems sound. Read more >

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What’s One of the Biggest Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Emissions?

, lead policy analyst, Clean Vehicles

TL;DR: Choose the most fuel efficient vehicle possible, or better yet, an electric vehicle. Read more >

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No, the Feds did not just Weaken Fuel Economy Standards

, senior vehicles analyst

Yesterday, federal and state regulators released a technical paper on the 2025 fuel economy standards. Despite not being a new regulation—it’s essentially a research document—I woke up today to headlines like “EPA admits defeat on toothless 54.5 mpg decree,” “54.5 mpg target is off the table, U.S. regulators say,” and “Feds: Automakers may not meet fuel economy target.” So what is it everyone is getting wrong? Read more >

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