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Fact-checking the Trump Administration’s Claims about EPA’s Vehicle Standards

, senior vehicles analyst

It’s been one week since the administration caved to auto industry lobbyists and reopened the mid-term review of the EPA’s successful vehicle efficiency standards.  In that time, there’s been a lot of hot air around what this means for the industry, so I thought I’d look into the factual basis for some of the more common assertions made around the announcement. Read more >

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Photo: Oran Viriyincy/CC BY-SA 2.0 (Flickr)

Are Electric Buses Feasible?

, vehicles analyst

King County Metro (Seattle area) recently released a report analyzing the feasibility of transitioning its 1,400 buses to zero-emission vehicles. Metro found it can achieve a 100% battery electric bus fleet as soon as 2034 with minimal increases in expenses. King County Metro has one of the largest bus fleets in the United States. It is a concrete example of the environmental, social and economic benefits of zero-emission vehicles. Read more >

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President Trump Has a Wrecking Ball (and it’s Aimed at the Climate)

, president

Any false hope that President Trump might moderate some of his more radical rhetoric once in office must now be laid aside. We can see the wrecking ball and the direction it is swinging. And we must stop it before it is too late. Read more >

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Vehicle pollution is a major issue for human health and the environment.

EPA Pulls Back Sound Policy Judgment at Behest of Auto Industry

, senior vehicles analyst

Today, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt rescinded the determination that the EPA standards for 2022-2025 are appropriate. This decision was made at the request of automakers seeking to supplant more than four years of robust, technical analysis with a political request from industry, and it could have major implications not just for our climate, but for consumers, thanks to an administration willing to bend over backwards for industry. Read more >

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The Consequences of Connecticut’s Tesla Ban

, policy analyst

At Tesla’s facility in Greenwich, Connecticut, you can take a look at Tesla cars. You can talk to representatives about electric vehicle technology, and learn how to install charging equipment. You can buy swag featuring the Tesla logo.

But you cannot buy a car. You cannot test drive a car. You cannot talk to a Tesla representative about pricing or financing. You cannot have your car serviced. Read more >

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