From fuel efficient trucks to electric and fuel-cell vehicles, our experts examine the role of transportation in tackling climate change and cutting U.S. oil use.

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Solar and EVs synergies are seen in this charging station.  Source: Envision Solar.
Source: Envision Solar

Electric Vehicles in the South: What’s on the Horizon?

, Kendall Science Fellow

We just helped convene a major electric vehicles conference. Here are our takeaways. Read more >

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Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

A Glimmer of Good News for the Climate: EPA Affirms Fuel Efficiency Standards

, senior vehicles analyst

On Wednesday, the EPA proposed maintaining its global warming emissions standards for passenger vehicles out to 2025. These standards were finalized in 2012 to protect public health, reduce global warming emissions and fossil fuel use, and save consumers money at the pump. Read more >

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Encouraging Signs for Electric Vehicles at the LA Auto Show

, senior engineer, Clean Vehicles

I visited the LA Auto Show last week and was very impressed with the progress on electric vehicles (EVs) from just a year ago. Though there’s uncertainty where electric vehicle policy may head at the federal level, if we look just at progress in clean vehicles, especially those with electric drive, the trend is incredibly positive. Based on what I saw this week electric vehicles are poised to make a leap into the mainstream soon. Read more >

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The Bioeconomy in a World Without Carbon Pollution

, senior scientist, Clean Vehicles

Reaching the climate targets set in Paris will require dramatic action from all sectors of the economy over a period of several decades. Read more >

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Photo: Matthew Platt/CC BY-SA (Flickr)

Standing Strong for Science and Democracy

, president

This election raised the specter of backsliding on the critical progress we’ve made on climate change and other vital issues—but in no sense did the voters grant the new president a mandate to turn back the clock. Read more >

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