From fuel efficient trucks to electric and fuel-cell vehicles, our experts examine the role of transportation in tackling climate change and cutting U.S. oil use.

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California Zooms Past 200,000 Electric Cars

, senior engineer, Clean Vehicles

Electric vehicles hit another milestone in California last month. We can’t know for sure, but over Presidents Day weekend the 200,000th EV was likely sold in the state, meaning California is on its way to hitting the state’s goal of 1 .5 million electric drive cars and trucks on the road by 2025. Read more >

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Workers on a VW assembly line. Photo: iStock

What We Need from Volkswagen, EPA, and California to Make Things Right

, senior vehicles analyst

For the sake of the public and the environment, we need a settlement that fits the magnitude of the crime. Read more >

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How to Make Sure the US and Canada Get It Right on Methane

, senior fuels engineer

President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced yesterday that the United States and Canada would partner to cut methane emissions from their oil and gas sectors by 40-45 percent below 2012 levels in under a decade. This is great news, and we applaud this cooperative effort. Read more >

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Cold Weather Affects Electric Vehicle Range. But Does It Matter?

, lead policy analyst, Clean Vehicles

Although cold weather impacts electric vehicles, the real question is whether that impact matters. To find out, I interviewed UCS members who drive electric vehicles in frigid places across the U.S. Here’s what they said. Read more >

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The Koch Political Machine Targets Electric Vehicle Policies. Here’s Why That’s Wrong

, lead policy analyst, Clean Vehicles

The HuffPo recently alleged that everyone’s favorite multibillionaires, Charles and David Koch, are planning to spend $10 million per year to assault government incentives for electric vehicles. Why all the fuss? It could be because some of Koch Industries’ $115 billion annual revenue is derived from oil refineries and pipelines. Or, it could be because the Koch’s believe that the government “should not pick winners or losers.” Read more >

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