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No Shutdown For Now, But What Effect Does Budget Uncertainty Have On Government Scientists?

Two years ago this week, Washington, DC was a ghost town.  With federal employees furloughed and millions of workdays disrupted, the streets were eerily quiet and Americans were deprived of the Panda Cam.  But there were bigger consequences. Read More

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The Moon and Nuclear War

The moon made headlines last week with the appearance of a so-called “super blood moon.” Several people I talked to, though, thought that name was a bit dramatic for what they actually saw in the sky.

But 55 years ago today, the moon was a star player in a short drama that could have justified that name. Read More

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Xavier University Students Talk Food Equity in the Food System

Two weeks ago, I packed my bags and traveled to Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans to talk with students in their sociology department. Xavier is a historically black university founded in the early 1900s. Last month, the New York Times published an article about how Xavier sends more African American students to medical school than any other college in the country—and they have less than 2,500 undergraduate students. Read More

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Technology Makes Lighter Work of a Tough Job—SMART Ranger Patrolling

As the temperature soars over 100 degrees, our ranger patrol in Cambodia’s Preah Vihear Protected Forest is in full swing. A whining sound alerts us to a chainsaw operating in the distance. The team goes into action. AK-47s cocked and ready, the three rangers move forward circling a spot on a dry riverbank where timber is being illegally sawn. Read More

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U.S. Braced for Historic Inland Flooding and Coastal Storm Surge Even As Joaquin Blew Out to Sea

Hurricane Joaquin, while a category 4, unleashed torrential rain over the Bahamas, uprooting trees, disrupting power and ripping rooftops. Joaquin lingered in the tropics, shedding vast amounts of moisture that became part of a complex mix of weather systems in the eastern U.S., creating soggy conditions even before Joaquin shifted northeastward from the tropics offshore of the U.S., giving a one-two punch for the eastern states. Punch one was life-threatening inland flooding, and punch two was storm surge along coastal areas. Read More

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