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Encouraging Signs for Electric Vehicles at the LA Auto Show

, senior engineer, Clean Vehicles

I visited the LA Auto Show last week and was very impressed with the progress on electric vehicles (EVs) from just a year ago. Though there’s uncertainty where electric vehicle policy may head at the federal level, if we look just at progress in clean vehicles, especially those with electric drive, the trend is incredibly positive. Based on what I saw this week electric vehicles are poised to make a leap into the mainstream soon. Read more >

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Battling Climate Change With Each Bite: 4 Things To Do If You’re Going Bananas About the Story Behind Your Food

, agroecologist

I have a challenge for you. Take a moment, and consider what you ate for breakfast. As routine as it may have felt, dig beneath the surface and I’ll bet you’ll find a story that’s anything but mundane. It might even be magical. Read more >

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500 Women Scientists Pledge for Democracy: Finding Hope in the Growing Numbers

Theresa Jedd , UCS

Our story is one of hope, both for democracy and for science. It is a story of the catalyzing power of a few to bring together the many. It is a story of how, in a matter of days, we were able to find strength in numbers.

Read more >

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The Absurd, Illegal Logic Behind Trump’s “Two for One” Regulation Proposal

, president

The President-elect recently described in a Youtube video what he intends to do on his very first day in office. Among other things, he will issue a new command to all federal agencies: “if you want to issue a new regulation, you must repeal two existing ones.” Read more >

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Your Profoundly Disturbing Yet Hopeful Thanksgiving Reading List on Science and Democracy

, Deputy director, Center for Science & Democracy

The past two weeks have brought significant change and significant uncertainty about the future of science and democracy under a Trump administration. What will be their governing philosophy? Will they make good on candidate Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” and reduce the influence of corporate lobbyists in Washington? What lessons can we draw from history in the new political era? Read more >

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