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Suddenly, the Future is Clear for Solar Energy

, senior energy analyst, Climate & Energy Program

In the last 24 hours, the path to greater reliance on solar energy has become much clearer. The US Department of Energy-sponsored assessments of the benefits of solar and the tools for addressing grid impacts celebrated the 65% decline in cost for solar energy over just 5 years. Meanwhile, the North American Electric Reliability Corp., (NERC) significantly revised (as in tripled) its projections of wind and solar coming on the grid over the next 15 years, and moderated its language about the reliability impacts. Read more >

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With the First Lawsuit Against ExxonMobil for Climate Deception Announced, What Do We Know About Its Risk from Climate Change Impacts?

, lead analyst, Center for Science and Democracy

In the latest development on ExxonMobil’s long (and ongoing) history of deceiving the public and decision makers on climate change, the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) announced this week that it is preparing for the first official lawsuit against the oil and petrochemical giant for its climate deception. Read more >

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Photo: US Dept. Transportation

California Moves Toward a More Sustainable Freight System

, research and deputy director, Clean Vehicles

Sustainable freight. Almost sounds like an oxymoron, especially to anyone that lives near a truck route, port, or warehouse. How can a system of trains, ships, planes, and trucks designed to move billions of dollars’ worth of goods from factories around the world to your doorstep be “sustainable”?

Despite that challenge, California officials released a draft Sustainable Freight Action Plan—a multi-agency effort resulting from Governor Brown’s Executive order issued last July—aimed at taking steps to transform the freight system to address the challenges of poor air quality and climate change. There’s some good stuff in the plan, but some room for improvement too. Read more >

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Four Things to Think About When Heavy Spring Rains Fall

, Kendall Science Fellow

Spoiler alert: It’s more than just packing an umbrella.

As a kid I remember repeating the phrase in the spring “April showers bring May flowers.” Now, in my adult life as a weather-conscious agricultural scientist, I cannot help but think about how spring rain brings with it not just the promise of pretty flowers, but also the damage of floods. Read more >

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Let’s Talk Trash: Berry Good Progress on Food Waste

, agroecologist

As spring charges around the corner, New Year’s resolutions may be a distant memory. However, I said it before and I will say it again—it is never too late to start slimming your food waste. Read more >

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