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PepsiCo’s New Palm Oil Commitment: Transparency, Trust, and the Company You Keep

Since starting our work on palm oil, UCS has taken a position that a company’s zero deforestation commitment needs to cover all of its operations, not just the products it sells or manufactures in the US. US consumers holding a company accountable for its global operations is not a new concept. The successful boycott of Nestlé in the US and Europe, which started in the late 1970’s, was the result of practices by that company in the developing world. Consumers not only want to buy products that don’t harm the planet but also want to buy products from companies they trust. Read More

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Here’s What Will Happen with the EPA Ozone Rule

Sometime in the next few weeks, the EPA will release its long awaited final rule on ambient ground-level ozone. It hasn’t happened yet, but there are some clues as to what the agency will do and how others will react.  Here’s how I see it going down and what that means for the country.  Read More

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Renewables and Efficiency Seeking a Leader in Michigan

Things are heating up in the Michigan legislature as both the House and Senate are considering proposals to re-shape Michigan’s energy future. Unfortunately, the current proposals miss the mark on renewable energy and energy efficiency – both of which are widely recognized as important resources for meeting Governor Rick Snyder’s goals of adaptability, reliability, affordability and protection of the environment. As the conversations continue into the fall, will a leader emerge to ensure a strong commitment to a truly clean and sustainable energy future for the state? Read More

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Pope Francis and the Paris Opportunity

As I write this, Washington DC is in a state of excitement at the first visit by Pope Francis to the United States.  For those concerned about the mounting threat of climate change, there is great anticipation about what the Pope will say on this issue when he addresses a joint session of Congress tomorrow, and when he speaks before the United Nations General Assembly on Friday.

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Stanislav Petrov And The Day the World Almost Ended (Really)

Every day since Sept. 26, 1983 has to some extent been borrowed time. Read More

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