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The Struggle for a Just Transition of the Crawford Coal Plant in Little Village Continues

Dr. Antonio Lopez

Five years after a coal plant closing, Chicago’s Little Village continues to face serious environmental justice challenges, including an uphill battle to redevelop the Crawford plant. Read more >

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Scott Pruitt’s Cynical Move to Rescind the Clean Power Plan

, president

Tomorrow, the EPA is expected to take a first formal step in repealing the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan (CPP), a regulation designed to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by approximately 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. This is a terribly irresponsible decision. Recent ferocious storms, intensified by warming oceans and air, remind us of the urgent need to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan is a sensible, flexible, cost-effective rule addressing one of one of the biggest sources of US carbon emissions, and one of the least expensive sources to control. Read more >

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Credits: NASA-JPL/Caltech/GSFC/University of Montana SMAP website

Would Jim Bridenstine Be a Down to Earth NASA Administrator?

, senior climate scientist

Let’s get right to it. Understanding the dynamics of our Earth, including disasters like hurricanes and droughts, has never seemed more important. As if on cue, we have a confirmation hearing for the NASA Administrator nominee coming down the pike. Is President Trump’s nominee, Representative Jim Bridenstine (R-OK), the right fit? Read more >

Original document created by Rachel Licker using the text of H.R. 4945
IPCC Working Group I, Fifth Assessment Report, Frequently Asked Questions
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The sage grouse's survival is entirely dependent on sagebrush. Photo: Jennifer Strickland, USFWS

Much to Grouse About: Interior Department Calls for Changes That Could Threaten Sage Grouse Protection

, researcher, Center for Science & Democracy

That the current administration places very little value on the merit of robust scientific evidence when considering its actions (or inactions) is no longer shocking, but it remains an intolerable practice. In this week’s episode of “How is the Trump Administration Dismantling Science-Based Protections?”, we visit the Interior Department’s decision to formally reconsider a widely heralded Obama-era agreement for protections of the greater sage grouse in the West.

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Jennifer Strickland, USFWS
Wikimedia Commons
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Why Are So Many Car Companies Making Big EV Announcements?

, senior engineer, Clean Vehicles

If you’ve been reading the news lately you might have noticed a trend in the automotive news: major car brands are announcing their transition plans to go electric. Why is this happening now and what does it mean for the industry and the environment? Read more >

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