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I’ve Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain: Floods, Wildfires, and Another Monthly Global Warming Record

, climate scientist

April was another whopper of a record-breaker: It was 1.11ºC (just about 2ºF) above the average April temperature for 1951-1980. This new record is 0.24ºC (0.43ºF) higher than the previous April one, set in 2010. Read more >

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Momentum Builds in California to Hold Fossil Fuel Companies Accountable for Climate Science Misinformation

, Western states policy manager

Two key developments in the last month signal that momentum is truly building to bring attention—and accountability—to the fossil fuel industry for having misled consumers and the broader public about the risks of global warming. Read more >

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Farewell to Edward L. Miles (1939-2016): Friend, Colleague, Force for Science-based Policy

, director of science & policy

I was saddened this week to learn of the passing of the remarkable Ed Miles, who died on May 7 at his home in Seattle, Washington. Read more >

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EPA Must Do More to Secure Chemical Facility Safety for Fenceline Communities

, senior analyst and program manager, Center for Science and Democracy

This week marks the close of the public comment period for a little-known yet important proposed rule, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Risk Management Program (RMP), aimed to improve the safety and security of over 12,000 facilities that use or store hazardous chemicals nationwide. Read more >

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Soils to Reverse Climate Change: “Carbon Farming” and the Untapped Potential in Ecological Approaches

, Kendall Science Fellow

Are there agricultural practices that might offer more potential than the ones commonly discussed in the “carbon farming” conversation? In a companion post, I wrote about what the science tells us about cover cropping and reduced tillage, two practices getting a lot of attention in what I’ve called the “carbon farming” rage. Read more >

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