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What will be behind the curtain at the LA Auto Show? Source: Flickr/infinitiglobal/

The Top 3 Trends to Expect at the LA Auto Show

, senior engineer, Clean Vehicles

The 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show opens this week and we’re there to bring you the latest and greatest on green car tech. Read more >

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Flaws in a Mining Industry “Study” of the Clean Power Plan

, senior energy analyst, Climate & Energy Program

Another day, another false study of the costs and benefits of the EPA Clean Power Plan. Read more >

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A Better Way for Our Food System

, UCS Science Network

When it comes to problems stemming from the current industrial food system, we need to get beyond cleaning up the mess. At some point, we have to ask: if our food system causes nitrate pollution, climate change, obesity, diabetes, and biodiversity loss—while undermining the very soil quality it depends upon for its own long-term viability—isn’t it time to find a better way? Read more >

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In Wake of Terrorist Attacks, Global Leaders Affirm Commitment to a Strong Outcome at Paris Climate Talks

, lead economist and climate policy manager

We have all been following the news of the terrible events in Paris and Beirut with deep sadness and concern. In the midst of dealing with the immediate crisis, France, the host nation of the upcoming international climate talks has affirmed its commitment to have the event, known as COP21, go ahead as planned. It’s a courageous response, and one that recognizes the urgency and importance of a strong global climate agreement for the future of our planet. Read more >

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How to Calculate Electric Vehicle Emissions by ZIP Code and Model

, policy analyst, Clean Vehicles

Internet! As you may have heard, the UCS Clean Vehicles squad just released a new report that definitively answers the question: are electric vehicles (EVs) cleaner than gas-powered vehicles? After two years of gathering and crunching data, we found that the average battery electric vehicle sold today is responsible for less than half the global warming emissions of comparable gasoline-powered vehicles.

So yes, EVs are awesome for the environment – and your wallet. But just how awesome? To help you #humblebrag about how clean EVs are in your neck of the woods, we developed this handy online tool that calculates emissions for almost every EV on the market for every zipcode in the U.S. Check it out and share it with your networks. I’ll give you unlimited internet points. Read more >

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