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Challenging ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson on Climate Change

Mike MacCracken , UCS

Last month, I attended ExxonMobil’s annual shareholder meeting in Dallas, Texas, and was able to directly interact with CEO Rex Tillerson. Here are his non-responses on climate change. Read more >

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The Massachusetts Energy Bill: 5 Key Questions To Ask

, senior energy analyst, Clean Energy

Massachusetts needs to diversify its electricity mix, drive its economy forward, and cut carbon emissions. That calls for boldness. Will the final energy bill deliver? Read more >

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ExxonMobil’s Virtual Reality: A Distorted View of Climate Change

, climate accountability campaign manager

I received a curious goody bag distributed at the ExxonMobil annual shareholders’ meeting in Dallas on May 25, including a do-it-yourself virtual reality headset. I decided to try it on and see what the world looks like from ExxonMobil’s perspective. Read more >

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How Could a Failed Computer Chip Lead to Nuclear War?

, physicist & co-director, Global Security

The US early warning system is on watch 24/7, looking for signs of a nuclear missile launched at the United States. As a highly complex system with links to sensors around the globe and in space, it relies heavily on computers to do its job. So, what happens if there is a glitch in the computers?

Between November 1979 and June 1980, those computers led to several false warnings of all-out nuclear attack by the Soviet Union—and a heart-stopping middle-of-the-night telephone call. Read more >

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Concerned Parents Dish on New Added Sugar Label

, science and policy analyst, Center for Science and Democracy

I was curious about what parents of young children had to say about the FDA’s new Nutrition Facts labeling rule, particularly the “added sugars” information. So I asked a few of my ‘concerned parent’ colleagues at UCS about FDA’s recent action and what it’s like navigating grocery store aisles with children’s health in mind. Read more >

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