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The 3 Biggest Mistakes You’ll Read in Transportation Stories This Year

, vehicles analyst

This week marks the close of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and the opening of the show here in Washington, DC.  Following up on record-breaking 2015 auto sales as well as big debuts at both the Consumers Electronics Show and in Detroit, there’s been a lot of automotive coverage…not all of it good, unfortunately. For example, this piece in the Detroit News contains a whole host of errors common to coverage of the automotive industry—errors that this blog post is meant to help navigate. Read more >

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That’s Not How Commerce Works—U.S. Chamber Wrong (Again) in New Clean Power Plan Report

, senior energy analyst, Climate & Energy Program

Some sales efforts work from a false starting point. Some try to lead the gullible consumer by pretending to share an insider’s secret with them. Some fall back on old slogans. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has employed all three of these tactics in its latest attack on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. Read more >

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In the Dietary Guidelines for Soil, Pass the Carbon, S’il vous plaît

, agroecologist

Between New Year’s resolutions and the recent release of the US Dietary Guidelines, a lot of us have healthy foods on our minds. In that spirit, I’d like to give a shout out to the real hero behind healthy food: soil. Although eating dirt may not be trendy, there’s more and more evidence that healthy soils actually do produce healthy humans. Read more >

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Who Was 2015’s Got Science Champion? The Results Are In…

, president

Last month, we announced our annual Got Science? Champions: folks who stood up for science in 2015, often despite serious threats to their careers and reputations. Among our five winners, we asked you to pick your favorite. Hundreds of you responded, and the results are in. Read more >

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Climate Risks Are #1 Threat to Global Economy

, lead economist and climate policy manager

Last week the World Economic Forum released the Global Risks Report 2016, which contains a serious wake-up call to those affected by the state of the global economy. That would be… pretty much everyone. Read more >

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