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New Guide for Scientists: Responding to Criticism and Personal Attacks

Scientists find themselves under scrutiny now more than ever before, and that scrutiny intensifies when their research is at the center of a public policy debate. Sometimes, this scrutiny helps educate the public and clarify what we know; at other times, this scrutiny is designed to confuse the public and policymakers. Today, UCS is releasing a guide that helps scientists deal with harassment and other unwarranted attacks on their integrity and their work. Read More

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Breaking: Climate Change Scientist Michael Mann (and Scientific Inquiry) Win in Virginia FOIA Case

Climate Scientist Michael Mann is reporting that in a ruling from the bench, Virginia Circuit Court Judge Paul F. Sheridan has affirmed the right of the University of Virginia to protect the privacy of its researchers from overly broad open records requests.  Read More

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CEI Compares Climate Scientist to a Child Molester

Competitive Enterprise Institute’s space technology and policy analyst, Rand Simberg, recently wrote a blog post in which he compared Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann to former university football coach and convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky. CEI published the post on its own blog, and the National Review decided it was appropriate to pass along. Michael Mann has rightly demanded that the National Review retract the blog post and issue a public apology.

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Speaking Up for Scientists Who Receive Death Threats

“I hope someone puts a bullet between your eyes,” reads one email to British climate scientist Phil Jones after he became the target of climate change science deniers. “Please, for Christ’s sake, kill yourself,” reads another. “Expect us at your door to say hello,” reads a third.

This is not what a scientist signs up for when he or she dedicates his or her life to the pursuit of knowledge. Read More

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Who’s the Crazy One Here?

The Heartland Institute, a leading climate denialist organization, has launched a billboard campaign in its hometown of Chicago  featuring Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, mass murderer Charles Manson, and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The message? They “believe” in global warming, and they’re crazy; by implication, so are you if you “believe” in it too. Read More

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GM Drives Away From Climate Denial, Dumps Heartland Institute

The big news today is that General Motors said they’ll no longer fund a group that regularly attacks climate science.

According to the Huffington Post, “The automaker told the Heartland Institute last week that it won’t be making further donations, spokesman Greg Martin said.” Read More

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In Virginia, the Emperor Has No Clothes

Today, the Virginia Supreme Court rebuffed Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s attempts to access the personal correspondence of climate scientists at Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia. The court’s ruling found that the university does not constitute a “person” and is therefore not subject to the Civil Investigative Demands—essentially subpoenas—issued by the attorney general under the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act in 2010. Read More

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Who Is Behind the Hacked Climate Emails? And When Will the Criminals Be Brought to Justice?

When a hacker (or hackers) released a second batch of emails stolen from scientists last month, the immediate question that sprang to my mind was, “Why haven’t we found them yet?” And now, after months of apparent inactivity, it seems that British authorities are taking a renewed interest in tracking down the criminals who are responsible, and the United States Department of Justice is also getting involved. Read More

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Have You Heard the One about the Climate Scientists’ Emails? (Getting tired of the same joke?)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: computer hackers steal thousands of emails among climate change scientists from a university. They release the emails publicly just days before important climate change negotiations are set to begin. Climate change-denying bloggers and their friends in Congress take the emails out of context to accuse climate researchers of scientific misconduct and justify their conspiracy theories, and the media plays along. Read More

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Something’s Still Rotten in the State of Virginia

Something is still rotten in the state of Virginia,* but the press is largely missing what stinks: a little-noticed court agreement that may make plenty of scientists uneasy about pursuing cutting-edge research in the Old Dominion State. Read More

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