The recently constructed Carlsbad Desalination Plant in California provides "drought-proof" water to San Diego but comes with a large energy footprint. Photo: bolvd/CC BY (Wikimedia)

Climate Problem or Solution? California’s Water Sector Is at a Crossroads as Drought Drags On

, climate scientist

Necessity is the mother of invention and California’s ongoing drought is teaching us that water suppliers can be very creative when they need to be. Read more >

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Photo: marya/CC BY (Wikimedia)

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant to Close in California, Replaced by Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

, senior analyst, Clean Energy

Today Pacific Gas and Electric announced that it will close Diablo Canyon, the last remaining nuclear plant in California, when its current operating license expires in 2025. The news itself is big. But in my opinion, even more exciting is PG&E’s pledge to backfill all of that generation with clean energy resources: energy efficiency and renewables. Read more >

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What Solar + Energy Storage Can Do For Tenants and Owners of Affordable Housing

, senior analyst, Clean Energy

A solar photovoltaic (PV) system and battery storage together can result in significant savings over solar-only installations Read more >

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California EV Survey Results

New Survey Finds Californians Very Interested in Electric Cars

, senior engineer, Clean Vehicles

California has been the leader in EV sales over the last five years, and a new survey helps explain some of the reasons why. Last month we, along with Consumers Union, commissioned a survey of California and Northeast drivers and the results are in. Read more >

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Momentum Builds in California to Hold Fossil Fuel Companies Accountable for Climate Science Misinformation

, Western states policy manager

Two key developments in the last month signal that momentum is truly building to bring attention—and accountability—to the fossil fuel industry for having misled consumers and the broader public about the risks of global warming. Read more >

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