clean car standards

Global Warming Emissions (LDVs, HDVs) (1990-2040)

The Biggest Climate Regulation You Might Not Know About

, senior vehicles analyst

The web is abuzz right now over the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, and rightly so—this is one of the President’s key items under his Climate Action Plan. But did you know that the EPA recently proposed another major climate regulation? In June, the EPA and NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) proposed a major new phase of regulations that will reduce fuel consumption and global warming emissions from heavy-duty trucks. Read more >

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What Makes a Car a Truck and Why it Matters for Fuel Economy

, research and deputy director, Clean Vehicles

When I was growing up, we called vehicles like the Honda CRV, the Toyota Rav4, and the Ford Escape “station wagons.” But that’s not very cool today, so instead they are called “crossover” vehicles—a mix between an SUV and a car. Read more >

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