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An Energy State in Transition: Pennsylvania Can Be a Renewable Energy Leader

In many ways, the Keystone State is the epicenter of the energy transition underway in this country. Historically an important coal producer, Pennsylvania remains the fifth largest coal-producing state, accounting for 5 percent of the nation’s total coal production in 2013. And the state is on the front lines of the booming Marcellus shale gas production. But how far along is the state in transitioning to cleaner energy, and how much farther could it go in developing renewables? Read More

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West Virginia Looks to the Future

What does a clean energy future look like in Coal Country, and what options exist for diversifying the economy? West Virginia leaders gathered back in September to discuss just these questions, and UCS has just released a new report summarizing their conversations. Read More

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Surprisingly, West Virginians Support Raising Taxes on the Coal Industry–Even in Coal Country

What a week. President Obama delivered a major speech on climate change on Tuesday, directing the Environmental Protection Agency to carry out its obligations under existing law and limit carbon emissions from both new and existing power plants.

As a scientist studying climate change, I’m excited by the President’s leadership. He articulated the reality of the problem that we face, and why it’s so important that we act today to prepare for climate change that’s already locked in and protect future generations by cutting emissions. Read More

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Patriot Coal: Broken Promises

It isn’t often that prominent environmental leaders and coal miners find themselves on the same side of an argument. But that’s exactly what happened in the case of now-bankrupt Patriot Coal Company. Read More

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Driving Renewable Energy: Policies That Matter

The year 2012 will go down as a very good year for renewable energy, with both the wind and solar industries experiencing record development. What will it take to continue the momentum in 2013? In this new blog series — Ramping Up Renewables: Clean Energy Policies to Watch in 2013 — UCS energy experts will discuss some of the most important policies that President Obama, Congress, and state policy makers can focus on in the coming months to further the clean energy transition this year and beyond. Read More

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