The Pope’s Climate Message Inspires and Uplifts

, sr. Washington rep., Center for Science & Democracy

As a Catholic, I’ve often disagreed with the institutional church on many issues. But as thousands of other Catholics, I have grown fond of the present Pope. Pope Francis’ outreach to the poor and marginalized, his disdain for pomp, and his tolerant tone all have made him a much beloved world figure. Read more >

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Deforestation Has Decreased

, sr. scientist & dir., Climate Research and Analysis

In the last few years, there has been heartening news, based on new scientific data, about progress in reducing global deforestation. The IPCC, in its Fifth Assessment Report in 2014, reviewed all the previously published evidence and concluded that deforestation and the emissions of global warming pollution that it produces had dropped in recent years. The Global Carbon Project, an annual review of the planet’s carbon cycle and its implications for climate change, found the same trend in its 2014 assessment. Read more >

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Defrosting the Climate Debate: 11 Congressional Republicans Endorse Climate Action

, science communication officer

Responding to climate change shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Eleven Republican members of Congress, led by Rep. Chris Gibson (R-N.Y.), just demonstrated that this morning, when they introduced a resolution that put the climate challenge in the broader context of conservation, stewardship, innovation, and conservatism. Read more >

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Seeking Man’s Humanity to Man: The Refugee Crisis, Climate Change, and Stewardship of the 21st Century

, senior analyst, Climate & Energy Program

Yesterday morning, I gave shoe-tying lessons. Long and futile minutes working on a tight knot, a strong bunny ear, around the tree and through the hole, until we agreed to try again later and I tied the laces myself. An hour later, I untied them and sent my small son into his classroom for his second day of school, and his latest day of great fortune and abundance.

By the time I got to work, I knew about another little boy whose mother had tied his shoes on a recent day and had perished with him in the Mediterranean. We wouldn’t know about them, except that this little boy washed ashore on a beach in Turkey. His photo, where he lies as if for a nap in his crib, save for his shoes, is haunting minds around the planet. Read more >

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Anchorage Event a Great Warm-Up for Fort Lauderdale

, UCS Science Network

While the Arctic Council normally meets at a table with only eight chairs, the US has invited world leaders, researchers, and media to a party that promises to be standing room only. Read more >

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