Ending Tropical Deforestation: Have We Got Our Priorities Backwards?

, scientific adviser, Climate and Energy

In working to change the world, there’s always a need to keep asking ourselves whether we’re focusing on what’s most important. This certainly applies to the effort to end tropical deforestation, which is why I and my UCS colleagues have put a lot of emphasis on figuring out what causes—and in particular, which businesses—are the main drivers of deforestation. Unfortunately, a recent study indicates that that global corporations that have committed to ending the deforestation they cause, have got their priorities backwards. And it suggests that the NGO community—and that definitely includes me—may have had our priorities wrong too.

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Arctic Breaks Many Records – Arctic Report Card 2016

, senior climate scientist

Since 2006, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued an annual peer-reviewed assessment of the Arctic. The tenth assessment was released on December 13, 2016.  Arctic Report Card 2016 is remarkable for two reasons.

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Table created by Brenda Ekwurzel based on findings in Arctic Report Card 2016
Arctic Report Card 2016 Fig 4.3
Arctic Report Card 2016 Figure 12.1
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Who is Rex Tillerson? Trump’s Egregious Choice for Secretary of State

, climate accountability campaign manager

When the news broke that President-elect Donald Trump was considering nominating ExxonMobil Chair and CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, I refused to dignify the rumor with a response. The prospect of the leader of the nation’s largest fossil fuel company becoming our top diplomat was too preposterous—not just because ExxonMobil sells a product that is causing global warming—but because the company knew decades ago that its product was dangerously interfering with the climate and chose to mislead the public rather than be part of the solution.
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Photo: By William Munoz
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Pie and Praise: Why I’m Especially Thankful for California’s Leadership on Climate This Thanksgiving

, Western states senior climate analyst

Following our annual pre-Thanksgiving tradition, my husband and I gathered with friends around a long wooden table on Sunday night to eat homemade pies and share what we’re thankful for this year. Some said family, others their health or jobs. Read more >

California Department of Water Resources
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Battling Climate Change With Each Bite: 4 Things To Do If You’re Going Bananas About the Story Behind Your Food

, senior scientist

I have a challenge for you. Take a moment, and consider what you ate for breakfast. As routine as it may have felt, dig beneath the surface and I’ll bet you’ll find a story that’s anything but mundane. It might even be magical. Read more >

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