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Fight Global Warming at Work: Show Your Boss the Money

All of the authors on the team are blogging about the findings in our new book, Cooler Smarter: Practical Steps for Low-Carbon Living.  So today I’m turning this space over to my colleague and one of the book’s authors, Suzanne Shaw.

Suzanne Shaw, Director of Communications, Union of Concerned Scientists — When you suggest changes that can help your workplace save money, people are likely to listen. And as we demonstrate in our new book, reducing global warming emissions can produce big savings. Here’s what you need to know to encourage your employer along an energy-efficient, low-carbon path. Read More

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Cooler Smarter Book Inspires Personal Action

As someone who studies the risks of human consequences for each level of warming our planet may endure, this guide – full of practical tips for low-carbon living – brings me hope.

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