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An Embarrassment of Onesie® Riches: How I Became a Climate-Friendly Shopper

It began at the baby shower of our firstborn-to-be and ended at, er, the appliance store. Sometimes the journey to cut the carbon emissions from the stuff we buy leads to strange places. But as I learned from our research for the new UCS book Cooler Smarter, the secret to climate-friendly shopping comes down to a simple strategy: Make smart decisions about what you buy—or don’t buy in the first place. Read More

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Take A Bite (of Meat) Out of Global Warming

What’s the biggest dietary change you can make to reduce global warming emissions? Eat less meat, especially beef. “But I love steak, chicken, and pork,” you say. “There must be another way to fight global warming!” Actually, there is. According to UCS’ new book, Cooler Smarter: A Practical Guide to Low-Carbon Living, eating less meat is just one of the many choices you can make to reduce your personal global warming emissions. Read More

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Hog Hunting, Vampire Slaying: How to Cut Your Home Electricity Use

My boys (ages 8 and 9) and I hunt hogs. Not the wild, porcine kind — the kind that hangs around the house while you eat, sleep, and work: Energy hogs. Electricity-using things that drive up your kilowatt-hours (and suck up the cash in your wallet) much more than they need to. A subset of those is energy vampires, things that use electricity even when they’re off. Read More

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A Spring in My Step Thanks to Home Energy Efficiency

One of the many reasons I love the arrival of spring is that it allows me to turn down the home furnace, open up the windows, and soak in the fresh air. As a self-professed energy geek, springtime also puts a smile on my face because it is the time of year when I crunch the numbers on dollars saved and carbon emissions avoided from our investments in home energy efficiency. This year, with the release of our new book Cooler Smarter: Practical Steps to Low-Carbon Living, I’m sharing all the number crunching I do on household energy with you. Read More

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Cooler Smarter Book Inspires Personal Action

As someone who studies the risks of human consequences for each level of warming our planet may endure, this guide – full of practical tips for low-carbon living – brings me hope.

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My Car’s Carbon Emissions are How Big?!?!?

So, you want to cut your carbon emissions and maybe even save some money? Well, start with what you drive and how you drive it. When it comes to the largest contribution you make to climate change, the culprits are most likely parked in your driveway. That’s one of the key findings in a new book, Cooler Smarter: Practical Steps for Low-Carbon Living, that I helped write with a team of researchers at UCS. Read More

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Global Warming: Do Individual Choices Matter?

It is getting hotter out there and you CAN do something about it. That’s the thesis of a new book I helped write with a team of researchers at UCS who set out to determine the most effective steps each of us can take to combat global warming. Read More

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