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Beware: Wildfire Smoke Can Be Like Smoking a Couple of Packs of Cigarettes over a Few Hours

This week I heard from a friend who evacuated from their work place and another whose parents had to evacuate from their home to protect themselves from wildfires raging throughout the West. Yet, the media coverage I have seen often focuses on the risks to and loss of property.  Coverage has been much less focused on the risks to the health of people both in close proximity to fires and those not in the immediate paths of fire, but who still can suffer from its more widespread effects.  Read More

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Mayors, Governors, CEOs, and Citizens Take Note – National Climate Assessment At Your Service!

Imagine a world where lives and property are saved despite a torrential flood arising from a category 1 Hurricane disgorging the immense load of water it picked up over the warming tropical ocean. Read More

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