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West Virginia Looks to the Future

What does a clean energy future look like in Coal Country, and what options exist for diversifying the economy? West Virginia leaders gathered back in September to discuss just these questions, and UCS has just released a new report summarizing their conversations. Read More

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A Trivial (and Fun) Way to Celebrate Earth Day

Are you looking for an entertaining and engaging way to make a difference this Earth Day? Consider hosting a Cooler Smarter trivia event! It will put you on the path of being a low-carbon leader, and help challenge, inform, and inspire your family and friends to lower their carbon footprint. Read More

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Energy-Water Collisions Hit Washington’s Radar

This summer’s power plant water troubles have folks in Washington looking for answers on energy-water issues. Thank goodness. Read More

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Smiley Faces vs. Vampires: Knowledge (About Power) Is Power

Understanding your energy use is a powerful thing. And when you find your utility bills driven up by summer air-conditioning or winter heating, the right tools (and a little competitive drive) can help. Read More

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