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Let’s Drop “Feed The World”: A Plea To Move Beyond an Unhelpful Phrase

After years of participation in public discussions about agriculture, I’ve developed something of an allergy to the catchphrase “feed the world.”

It seems to come up with depressing regularity to justify, among other things, pesticides, industrial-scale monoculture, and biotechnology, all of which we must embrace—all together now—to feed the world. What gets under my skin is that the phrase is so often used by advocates of high-input American corn and soybeans, who otherwise seem not terribly concerned about problems of hungry people or farmers in developing countries. Read More

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The Storm Before the Storm: A Day of Rest (?) at Rio+20

Today is a bit of a rest day at RioCentro. Late last night/early this morning, the Brazilians closed their negotiating session by presenting a consensus text which was approved by all of the countries, although there still is a lot of concern about the content. Read More

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