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Diesel vs Hybrids: The Costs and Benefits of Both (And a Shiny Calculator!)

If you’re thinking about buying a vehicle, chances are you’ve noticed a number of automakers touting the benefits of new “clean diesel” vehicles with fuel efficiencies of 40 to 45 mpg on the highway. That sounds awfully high – but what does it mean, and how does it compare to the most efficient gasoline-powered vehicles on the road, hybrids? Read More

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A Solution to Cancer-Causing Air Pollution… and What You Can Do to Help

Earlier this month, the World Health Organization (WHO) labeled air pollution a human carcinogen, in the same category as tobacco and asbestos, and deemed it the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. While it wasn’t widely covered in the media, this finding — that air pollution causes cancer — is enormously relevant for the United States, particularly as the administration considers new regulations on vehicle pollution. Read More

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Formula One, Efficiency Too: How Excessive Speed Doesn’t Mean Excessive Fuel Consumption

When you think of Formula One racing, you tend to think of speed, power, and skill. I mean, look at how much faster F1 cars are compared to high end racing cars with exotic pedigrees that are usually thought of as “fast.” Read More

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Can I Interest You in a Used Car? DOE/EPA Release New Fuel Economy Tool For Used Cars

If you’ve been following auto industry news of late, you already know that new car sales in the U.S. are hitting heights they haven’t seen in years. This is certainly good news for the auto companies and auto dealers – but it’s also good news for consumers, as more efficient vehicle choices roll into showrooms thanks to the ramping up of fuel economy standards over the last several years.

New car buyers not only have more choices, but also have better information on which to base their new car purchase decisions, thanks to improved fuel economy labels developed by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2011. So where does that leave someone looking to purchase a used car? Out of luck, when it comes to good information on how far that vehicle can go on a gallon of gas and what that might mean in terms of global warming emissions. That is, until yesterday. Read More

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Surf, Sunscreen, and Gasoline: How Much Will Americans Spend at the Pump this Memorial Day Weekend?

Surf’s up! This Memorial Day weekend, 31.2 million Americans will buckle up and hit the road in hot pursuit of the best barrels ever, or just a weekend filled with fun and relaxation. So grab that bottle of sunblock left over from last year, dust off your floppiest sunhat, and systematically pack your luggage into your car like a Tetris grandmaster, because it’s (almost) officially summer. Read More

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From the Pump to Profits: Where Your Gas Money Goes

Newsflash – Americans spend a lot on gasoline. In fact, over the lifetime of an average vehicle, you spend around $22,000 on gasoline. That might be as much as you spent on the vehicle in the first place. So where does all this money end up? Read More

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Cars and Mars

Ever have a dream and wake up to find out that it wasn’t a dream after all – that you were actually living the dream?  I think that must be how many of the NASA engineers felt when the rover Curiosity landed on Mars earlier this month, but such dreams aren’t confined to outer space exploration. Right here on the Blue Planet, dreams really can come true…even in Washington, DC, during the so-called “silly season” that is an election year. Read More

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